Halo: Nightfall trailer

Aaron Birch Trailer Jul 25, 2014

The upcoming Ridley Scott Halo mini-series has its first trailer, and here it be...

25 bizarre videogame controllers

Aaron Birch Feature Jun 13, 2014

We take a look at some of the best, and worst, videogame controllers ever conceived by humankind...

Phantom Dust to return?

Aaron Birch News May 26, 2014

Cult Xbox classic, Phantom Dust, could be on the way back to our screens, as Microsoft files a new trademark...

The Top 50 underappreciated Xbox games

Aaron Birch Feature May 9, 2014

Microsoft's debut games console, the Xbox, made a big impact on gaming, but not all of its games got the attention they deserved...

Xbox One release date confirmed

Simon Brew News Sep 4, 2013

Microsoft will launch the Xbox One a week ahead of the PlayStation 4 in the UK...

Microsoft TV producer denies Blake's 7 Xbox rumours

Terry Nation's Blake's 7
Andrew Blair News Aug 27, 2013

There's nothing to the rumours that the Blake's 7 reboot is coming to Xbox according to Microsoft's Kate Barnes...

Is Xbox going to release the Blake's 7 reboot?

Terry Nation's Blake's 7
Louisa Mellor News Aug 15, 2013

Deadline reports that Xbox is in negotiations to air the Blake's 7 reboot as one of its first original series...

Original Xbox could have been MEGA

Aaron Birch News Jul 6, 2013

Microsoft has released a list of rejected original Xbox names, heavy on the acronyms...

Microsoft abandoning controversial Xbox One restrictions

Simon Brew News Jun 19, 2013

In a major U-turn, Microsoft has withdrawn some of the restrictions it had in place on playing Xbox One games...

7 genuine reasons your game might not work on an Xbox One

Simon Brew Odd List Jun 12, 2013

Just because you've legally bought a game for an Xbox One, it doesn't mean that Microsoft's DRM will let you play it...