Palworld Breeding Explained: Best Breeding Combos and Tips

Unless you want to waste a ton of resources figuring it all out for yourself, here is what you need to know about breeding the best offspring in Palworld.

Photo: Pocketpair

As Palworld continues to rocket up the sales charts, millions of gamers are discovering that it is so much more than Pokémon with guns. Actually, some of the best things about the game are the ways it reimagines certain Pokémon mechanics and tropes through the lens of a modern survival game. That extends to Palworld‘s breeding system.

Yes, you can breed Pals in Palworld, and yes, doing so can produce some results. However, there are quite a few things you need to know about Palworld‘s breeding system if you’re hoping to get more out of it than a good time for the Pals involved.

Palworld: How to Unlock Pal Breeding

You can breed pals in Palworld, but you can’t do so right away. Here’s what you need to do to unlock Palworld’s breeding system:

  • Reach Level 19
  • Unlock the Breeding Farm
  • Build a Breeding Farm with 100x Wood, 50x Fiber, and 20x Stone

With a Breeding Farm unlocked, you’ll now have the ability to…encourage your Pals to start breeding. However, a breeding farm alone won’t get the job done. There are a few more steps you’ll need to follow. 

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Palworld: How to Breed Pals

While your Breeding farm will give your Pals a place to do their thing in Palworld, it won’t do all of the work for you. Here’s what you need to do next if you want to get your Pals to breed and “harvest” the results:

  • Create an Egg Incubator with 2x Ancient Civilization Parts, 30x Stone, 10x Paldium Fragments, and 5x Cloth. Some of those resources take quite a while to acquire, so it’s best to dedicate yourself to finding them once you’ve reached this step of the process. 
  • Use your cooking pot to make Cake with 2x Honey, 8x Eggs, 8x Red Berries, 5x Flour, and 7x Milk. The breeding process consumes Cake, so you’ll want an ample supply of cake assigned to your Breeding Farm so that you can keep the breeding process going. Again, it may take you a while to acquire all the resources you’ll need to produce enough cake.
  • With your Incubator and Cake ready, capture and assign the Male and Female Pals you wish to breed to your Farm. They should soon produce an Egg. Please note that it is not currently possible to breed Pals with any two Pals of the same gender.
  • Place the Egg in the Incubator and wait for your new Pal to hatch. If you’re on a Dedicated Server, this countdown process seems to persist even when you’re offline. Furthermore, you’ll have the option of customizing how long the incubation process takes. Otherwise, the countdown is only active while you are playing. 

As long as you have an ample supply of Cake and the proper facilities, you can essentially breed your Pals indefinitely. You can even have the same Pals breed with each other multiple times (though there won’t be much variation in the results). Once your new Pal has hatched, you can treat it like any other Pal in the game and use it however you see fit. 

Why You Should Breed Pals in Palworld

While breeding Pals in Palworld can produce unique creatures (or creatures that are otherwise difficult to catch), one of the biggest advantages to breeding is the ability to pass down Pal Traits.

Since offspring in Palworld inherit certain Traits and skills from their parents, it’s possible to “exploit” (so to speak) the breeding system to produce powerful offspring with Traits they would never otherwise be able to access. Alternatively, you can use breeding to essentially “replace” a Pal’s less desirable Traits by producing similar offspring with more desirable Traits.

Unfortunately, the breeding process in Palworld is both extensive and often quite random. If you produce four offspring with the same two parents, each of the offspring will likely all have slightly different Traits. As such, you’ll need to experiment with breeding quite a bit before you’re able to consistently produce the desired results. Even then, there are no guarantees when it comes to which Traits your offspring will ultimately receive.

Palworld: Best Breeding Tips and Tricks

As noted above, Palworld‘s breeding system is designed to encourage experimentation and demand patience. However, there are a few tips and tricks about that system you can make the most of to help expedite and optimize the breeding process.

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  • You can find Pal Eggs in the wild and use them as you would use Eggs produced at the Farm. However, these are quite rare and you have no control over what those Eggs produce. On the plus side, you just need the Incubator to hatch those Eggs once you find them. No Cake required.
  • Traits and rarity matter when breeding. If you have to choose between Pals of the same species, always go with the rarer Pal with higher Trait ranks. This will give you the best odds of producing more powerful offspring.
  • While you can control what kind of Pals you get when you breed two different species of Pals, you can’t directly control what their Traits, Stats, and Gender will be. You can influence those aspects by selecting ideal breeding partners with your preferred Traits, Stats, and Abilities, but the actual results of the breeding process will come down to luck. This is why you’re able to breed the same combinations of Pals multiple times. 
  • While breeding two of the same Pal species together will only produce a Pal of the same species, the offspring will generally be more powerful than its parents. 
  • Lucky and Legendary Pals can pass along their Lucky and Legendary Traits to their offspring. That makes them some of the most valuable breeding partners in Palworld.
  • Breeding certain Pals with other Pals of select Elemental types can produce a unique version of the non-Elemental pal that has the Elemental of the other parent. As such, be sure to maintain a roster of Elemental Pals and use them as breeding partners for non-elemental Pals you’d like to try to assign an Element to.
  • You can always change a Pal’s moves and increase their Stats via in-game mechanics, so don’t fret if your offspring doesn’t have the perfect set-up. Your main focus while breeding should be optimizing the offspring’s Traits. 

Palworld: Best Breeding Combos

Because of the randomized elements of the Palworld breeding process, it’s nearly impossible to produce Pal offspring with guaranteed or “optimized” results. Instead, you’ll want to select the best possible parents with the best possible Stats/Traits to give yourself the best chance of receiving optimal offspring. 

However, there are a handful of known breeding combinations in Palworld that at least produce a guaranteed new offspring of a certain species. Here are some of the most notable combinations that have been discover so far:

Quivern ᐩ Chillex ﹦ Anubis
Anubis ᐩ Felbat ﹦ Arsox
Suzaku Aqua ᐩ Menasting ﹦ Astegon
Astegon ᐩ Relaxaurus ﹦ Beakon
Eikthyrdeer ᐩ Fiddler ﹦ Beegarde
Sazuka Aqua ᐩ Depresso ﹦ Blazehowl
Reptyro ᐩ Sparkit ﹦ Broncherry
Jormuntide ᐩ Blazehowl Noct ﹦ Cinnamoth
Sazuka Aqua ᐩ Helzephyr ﹦ Cryolinx
Jormuntide ᐩ Foxparks ﹦ Digtoise
Mossanda Lux ᐩ Tanzee ﹦ Dinossom
Mossanda Lux ᐩ Sparkit ﹦ Dumud
Jormuntide ᐩ Pyrin ﹦ Elizabee
Jormuntide ᐩ Arsok ﹦ Elphidran
Direwolf ᐩ Mozzarina ﹦ Fenglope
Sazuka Aqua ᐩ Jormuntide Ignis ﹦ Helzephyr
Grintale ᐩ Blazehowl ﹦ Incineram
Jormuntide ᐩ Broncherry ﹦ Incineram
Quivern ᐩ Relaxaurus ﹦ Jormuntide
Incineram ᐩ Quivern ﹦ Kingpaca
Verdash ᐩ Blazehowl Noct ﹦ Kitsun
Direwolf ᐩ Kitune ﹦ Loupmoon
Rooby ᐩ Direwolf ﹦ Lunaris
Warsec ᐩ Menasting ﹦ Mammorest
Astegon ᐩ Warsec ﹦ Menasting
Jormuntide ᐩ Elphidran ﹦ Nitewing
Warsec ᐩ Blazehowl ﹦ Penking
Sazuka Aqua ᐩ Blazehowl ﹦ Pyrin
Grintale ᐩ Helzephyr ﹦ Quivern
Mammorest ᐩ Sibelyx ﹦ Ragnahawk
Eikthyrdeer ᐩ Kitune ﹦ Reindrix
Repryto ᐩ Ice Repryto ﹦ Relaxaurus
Nitewing ᐩ Beakon ﹦ Repryto
Univolt ᐩ Beakon ﹦ Sibelyx
Jormuntide ᐩ Dinossom Lux ﹦ Surfent
Astegon ᐩ Blazehowl Noct ﹦ Sweepa
Nitewing ᐩ Mozzarina ﹦ Vanwyrm
Jormuntide ᐩ Ragnahwak ﹦ Warsec
Mammorest ᐩ Blazehowl Noct ﹦ Wumpo Botan