Den of Geek experts gather once a week to discuss the ins and outs of the latest Marvel news. Sometimes old news! Our latest entries include Black Widow, and each episode of Loki. Coming up soon… Howard the Duck (1986).

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MARVEL STANDOM returns! Loki Episode 6, finale “For All Time. Always.” was a DOOZY. We talk about the VILLAIN (He Who Remains!?) discuss the final battle, speculate on Loki Season 2, get that ENDING EXPLAINED, what’s next for the MCU Timeline plus everything else you’ve come to expect from our Loki breakdowns!

TOM KENNY, voice of SpongeBob SquarePants, has seen Twitter’s obsessive memes. Hear what SpongeBob himself has to say about the show’s expressive faces, that translate perfectly in internet culture.

As New Pokémon Snap revives a beloved spin-off, we look back at how the original game will always remind us of a time when Pokémon ruled the world. Join us in this journey though time and Pokémania!

Need to get up to speed on the 90-year history of the Union? We present a visual guide to the heroes of Jupiter’s Legacy. Pairing vital statistics like powers and abilities with interviews with each member of the cast: Leslie Bibb (Lady Liberty), Josh Duhamel (The Utopian), Ben Daniels (Brainwave), Mike Wade (The Flare), David Julian Hirsh (Blue Bolt), Matt Lanter (Skyfox), Elena Kampouris (Chloe Sampson), Ian Quinlan (Hutch Hutchence), Tenika Davis (Petra Small) and Andrew Horton (Brandon Sampson).

Can’t wait for Rick and Morty season 5? @Cryptozoic Entertainment‘s rare (and sometimes autographed) trading cards celebrate the show AND will keep you appeased until the new season. Grab ’em on @ebay!

Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 Episode 1 explained! The unit faces a new dangerous foe in Motherland: Fort Salem season 2, but will they have to work with old enemies to emerge victorious? Mike and Dave discuss the season 2 premiere and make predictions for the story to come.

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The US Government recently released its UFO report, and former federal agent BEN HANSEN joins our UFO expert Alejandro Rojas to break it down, and also discuss Discovery+ series Roswell: The Final Verdict. Join us for the extraterrestrial experience!

Kevin Smith’s and Netflix’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation is much more than just another attempt to bring He-Man to a modern audience. Kevin Smith recently told Den of Geek about his own experiences with the world of He-Man and the MoTU franchise growing up.

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Black Widow EASTER EGGS galore surrounding Natasha Romanoff, Yelena Belova, Taskmaster and more! Check out the reactions of our Marvel Standom experts to the new MCU movie, as they break down and review the movie, get that ENDING EXPLAINED, and discuss the POST CREDIT SCENE. Read our full review here:
Words of Westerosi Wisdom are the perfect way to celebrate the Game of Thrones show’s 10th birthday! Game of Thrones was released 10 years ago this very weekend, so we’ve compiled the show’s most memorable (and generally best) quotes.

The Mandalorian recently visited a planet important to Star Wars lore: Tython. We break down what the planet’s all about, how it ties into the show, and to the larger Star Wars universe.
Pokemon Snap is BACK! New Pokémon Snap is being released on the 30th of April, and it’s bound to have hours of Poke-photography fun. We take a look at games with a “photo mode” throughout the ages, and make the argument that @Nintendo‘s Pokémon Snap was a pioneer and innovator in the digital artform.
We talked to author Christopher Buehlman about his transition from horror to high fantasy in the much-anticipated The Blacktongue Thief! Listen to the exclusive excerpt, and then read our full interview here:
Watch the Werewolves Within premiere day interview! Get excited for the hairy whodunit horror-comedy Werewolves Within, aa actors Milana Vayntrub (Die Hart) and Harvey Guillén (What We Do In The Shadows) join the Paranormal Pop Culture Hour with Aaron Sagers to chat about lycanthropic humor and more!

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