Werewolf By Night

In perhaps the first episode where the entire crew is unanimous, the Marvel Standom team along with special guest TAST (@UpToTask) break down the Disney+/Marvel Halloween special, WEREWOLF BY NIGHT. In addition, a discussion of the latest episode of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law in preperation for the season finale on October 13th.


Marvel Standom:
Thor: Love and Thunder

( SPOILERS ) Marvel’s latest cinematic blockbuster Thor: Love and Thunder has now arrived, so of course the Standom crew are ready to argue about it! With the team and their special guests, including Elana Levin (Graphic Policy Podcast) split into different camps, it ends up being a very interesting discussion. Plus, they’re breaking down all those new MCU surprises! What do those post-credits scenes really mean for Thor’s MCU future?

Marvel Standom:

The Ms. Marvel finale did what it promised to do and changed the MCU forever, but the Marvel Standom team questions whether that was always the plan for Kamala Khan, or whether Marvel Studios decided to change course at the last minute to set up other projects. Episode 6 was full of action and wonderful moments for the characters on this show, but pacing issues and the MCU Disney+ formula made it a rocky road for some of the gang. Nevertheless, they shall continue to protect Kamala with their lives!

DC Standom:
Batman ’89

Mike speaks with Sam Hamm and Joe Quinones, the creative team behind DC’s Batman ’89, the comic that expands the world of Tim Burton’s classic Bat-films and finally shows us what Two-Face and Robin would have looked like in those movies. Hamm was also the writer of the first Batman movie, and reveals new details and secrets from that project’s early days!

Talking Strange:
Radio Rental

On the latest #TalkingStrange, host Aaron Sagers is joined by paranormal legend and AM Radio host Terry Carnation (who is definitely, probably, not Rainn Wilson from “The Office”), as well as podcast Tenderfoot TV creator/producer Payne Lindsey (“Up And Vanished,” “Atlanta Monster”). Together, they are the team behind the first-person real-life Radio Rental podcast. As Season Five is set to begin, they discuss the most bizarre tales of listener submissions from true crime (run-ins with serial killers), the paranormal (ghosts, doppelgängers and aliens), and the surreal (accidental, or intentional, cremation of a living person).

Talking Strange:
The House In Between Pt2

In the 2020 documentary “The House In Between,” the world met Alice Walker, a woman too terrified of paranormal activity to sleep in her own home. Now, the story continues with the sequel, “The House In Between 2,” directed and executive produced by Steve Gonsalves, the paranormal investigator made famous from TV reality shows Ghost Hunters and Ghost Nation. In the latest Talking Strange, Gonsalves joins host Aaron Sagers to discuss the phenomena taking place in Walker’s home to warrant another movie. Additionally, he talks about introducing new elements to the paranormal investigation, such as a geophysicist, and how the film varied from his work on Ghost Hunters. He also discusses what it would take to get a Congressional hearing about ghosts similar to the recent one about UFOs. The House In Between and The House In Between 2 is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, Vimeo, iTunes, YouTube, Vudu and more platforms.

Talking Strange:
Ariel Phenomenon

In the new documentary Ariel Phenomenon, director Randall Nickerson tells the story of a mass UFO sighting and supposed alien encounter in Zimbabwe. In 1994, at least 60 students at the Ariel School in Harare witnessed a strange craft land nearby, and observed figures with grey skin, and large, black eyes. The experience lasted about 10-15 minutes, but stayed with them to this day. Nickerson joined Talking Strange host Aaron Sagers to discuss his nearly 20 year journey making the film, his interviews with the now-grown eyewitnesses, and shares shocking behind-the-scenes details, including about his own alien experiences. Rent Ariel Phenomenon at

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San diego Comic Con Highlights

The Cast And Crew Of Prey Talks Comanche Culture, Departure From Modern Cinema, And Classic Predator

The cast and crew of Prey talks to us about how the movie blends Comanche culture and sci-fi into one, and is also the first time a brand new feature film is out in a Native language. They talked about participating in a ceremony on the Stoney Nakoda Nation lands, if the Predator in the movie is different from previous movies, and what was it like to move away from the busier aesthetics of modern action cinema.

Tyler Hoechlin And Tyler Posey Assemble The Pack For Teen Wolf: The Movie

Jeff Davis, Tyler Hoechlin, and Tyler Posey are back with a pack of wolves, this time in a movie. They talk about how it felt to reunite after Teen Wolf, what fans can expect, and their favorite bits in the movie.

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