Ocarina Of Time hits Wii U eShop on Thursday

Ocarina of Time
Ryan Lambie News Jun 29, 2015

Much--loved classic The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time is out on Wii U's eShop on Thursday, Nintendo has announced...

Where were Nintendo’s big games at E3?

Ryan Lambie Feature Jun 19, 2015

Nintendo’s big reveal this year was Star Fox Zero. But where was Zelda and Metroid? And where does the lack of big games leave the Wii U?

No Metroid Prime sequel for Wii U says series producer

News Jun 18, 2015

In the wake of Nintendo's E3 Digital presentation, Metroid Prime's producer has said a full sequel "would likely now be on NX"...

Metroid Prime: Federation Force - first trailer

Ryan Lambie Trailer Jun 16, 2015

Nintendo announces the 3DS-only multiplayer shooter, Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Here's the brand new trailer...

Platinum is co-developing Star Fox Zero and a NieR sequel

Ryan Lambie Trailer Jun 16, 2015

Japanese studio Platinum is co-developing Star Fox Zero with Nintendo and a new NieR with Square-Enix. New trailers can be found here...

Nintendo announces Chibi Robo for 3DS

Ryan Lambie News Jun 1, 2015

Plucky GameCube era robot Chibi Robo is making a grand return in a new platform adventure for 3DS...

Nintendo's NX console to be Android based?

Ryan Lambie News Jun 3, 2015

Update: Nintendo has denied reports that its forthcoming NX console will be Android-based...

Eternal Darkness sequel in the works?

Ryan Lambie News May 26, 2015

GameCube survival horror classic Eternal Darkness might - just might - be getting a sequel, as Nintendo renews its trademark...

Splatoon: hands on with Nintendo's forthcoming FPS

Ewan Moore Feature May 14, 2015

Nintendo aims to put the colour back into the first-person shooter with Splatoon. Ewan goes hands-on with its multiplayer mode...

Nintendo might end region locking with the NX console

Ryan Lambie News May 11, 2015

Region locks could be a thing of the past by the time Nintendo's NX console comes out, suggests company president Satoru Iwata...