Drew Goddard directing Spider-Man spin-off, Sinister Six

Simon Brew News Apr 8, 2014

The director of The Cabin In The Woods, Drew Goddard, is to direct Sony's The Sinister Six movie...

Marvel's Netflix TV series to film in New York

Louisa Mellor News Feb 27, 2014

All four of Netflix's original Marvel TV shows, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage, will be filmed in New York City...

Top 25 underappreciated comic book movies

James Hunt Feature Jan 30, 2014

Comic book movies are solid blockbuster fare now, but there are plenty of adaptations that didn't get the love they deserved...

Ben Affleck on Batman Vs Superman, Daredevil, fan reactions

Simon Brew News Dec 4, 2013

Ben Affleck talks about his Daredevil regrets, and why he overcame his initial reluctance to take on the role of Batman...

Marvel's Civil War: a comic that should be a movie

Rob Leane Feature Nov 18, 2013

Written by Mark Millar, Marvel's Civil War was a fan favourite. Rob looks at how it could translate to the big screen...

Twilight and Dexter writer joins Jessica Jones TV series

Louisa Mellor News Nov 14, 2013

Melissa Rosenberg is to write and produce the new Jessica Jones Marvel/Netflix series...

Drew Goddard to write Daredevil for Marvel Studios

Simon Brew News Nov 13, 2013

A longtime Daredevil fan is set to write the Daredevil television series...

Feature films for Daredevil, Jessica Jones & more possible

Louisa Mellor News Nov 11, 2013

Disney Chairman Bob Iger says feature films for Marvel's new Netflix TV stars are not out of the question...

Marvel bringing Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones to Netflix

Louisa Mellor News Nov 7, 2013

Four Marvel characters are getting their own original Netflix series, including Daredevil, Jessica Jones and more...

Marvel's Kevin Feige on Daredevil and Punisher

The Disney-owned (nearly) Marvel logo
Simon Brew News Oct 21, 2013

Are Daredevil and The Punisher reboots in current plan for Marvel Studios?