Daredevil Season 3 Episode 11 Review: Reunion

Fisk’s master plan is finally revealed in Daredevil season 3 episode 11. Spoilers ahead in our review of Reunion...

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This Daredevil review contains spoilers.

Daredevil Season 3 Episode 11

I’m not sure whether it’s Netflix’s patented content algorithm or Marvel Studios’ low TV budgets, but most seasons of Marvel shows have an episode where the cast hang around one location, and it seems like this is this season’s. Matt and Karen try to hide out in the church while Dex and (reluctantly) Nadeem try to track them down, and Sister Maggie runs interferences.

Personally, after the previous episode ditched most of the main cast I was happy to spend time with everyone in this one. Matt and Karen have great chemistry together, especially now that she knows his secret, and especially now that he’s not trying to “protect” her from it. I know they sort of truncated that plotline, but I’m reminded of their potential romance and kind of want to see them get back to it when all this is over.

I also loved seeing Fisk finally get off his leash. I knew as soon as his aide told him the bad news that things wouldn’t go well for him, and the Kingpin’s brutality, oft-references, gets a shocking and cathartic airing here. He murders with impunity, and he doesn’t mind getting his own hands dirty to do it when he knows he can get away with it. Now we see his plan – nothing less than a return to his former life, exonerated – it’s hard not to feel a little impressed at how he’s kept everyone opposing him busy as he sets up his return.

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That said, Fisk’s detour to get the painting, while understandable, did swerve slightly close to trite territory. I’m always wary of shows invoking the Nazis to show how serious they are, and while it gave us an unexpected look at Fisk – and specifically how Vanessa has some kind of power over his thinking – it was a jarringly real story in a world that has otherwise been fantastical.

My favourite bits, though, were when our heroes worked together. Ray advising Mahoney that he had to get Karen out of his hands. Karen and Matt outsmarting Bullseye by getting Foggy in to escort her out. Maggie covering for them in various ways. The high point of the episode for me was Foggy and Matt having a debate about the efficacy of The System – because we all know I love it when superheroes get philosophical.

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In fact, I’d sort of like to see Matt and The Punisher have another chat, given his reversed stance on killing Fisk, and while I don’t for a second believe he will do it, I believe that if he does it won’t be a completely unjustified narrative decision. There are some superheroes who can kill, some who can’t, and Daredevil’s in the grey area – as he is with everything.

But hey, it’s nice to get all of our main cast back in the same room scene and on the same page. Reunion is right. I can’t wait to see what they’ll do now that they’re all back together.

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