Daredevil Season 3 Episode 12 Review: One Last Shot

Matt, Karen and Fogg work finally have what they need to bring down Fisk in episode 12 of Daredevil season 3. Spoilers...

This Daredevil review contains spoilers.

Daredevil Season 3 Episode 12

OH. Now, that’s an ending. I’m desperate to see what happens next, now that Nadeem has sacrificed himself for (presumably) some greater purpose. I can’t believe he just gave up, but what’s his plan? Was the murder caught on tape? Did he tip someone off? Either way, it’s the key to Fisk’s downfall, I’m sure of it. What a sad end for a guy who, let’s face it, made the kind of mistakes most of us would if a psychopath threatened our families.

But before we get to Nadeem’s death, we have to watch Nelson, Murdock, and Page come oh-so-close to nailing the Kingpin, only for the jury to end up crooked. The way the dominos started falling, part of me actually believed they were going to do it. Seeing the team work together, using the system to beat Fisk – I almost believed it would have a happy ending. And honestly it was just nice to see Charlie Cox back in a suit. I miss that as much as the badass lawyering.

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What’s great about this episode is the chance to see that chemistry back in action, with all three main characters bouncing off one another and bringing their own strengths to the table. Contrast that to the distance between Vanessa and Fisk, and you sort of see the ethos of this series being lived out. No one is an island, nor should they try to be.

Vanessa’s return is, however, long overdue. I like that she’s been made openly complicit in Fisk’s crimes if only because the character is and should be as formidable as him. I hope, if they do a season four, that she’s the main villain. Assuming she lives that long. The way Bullseye was cosying up to her, you can completely imagine him flipping over something and deciding to kill off Vanessa and/or Fisk. In fact, I think that’s more likely to happen than Matt breaking his code.

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The relationship between Fisk and Vanessa is brilliantly acted, of course, with the Kingpin turning into a stuttering, confused teenager and Vanessa being brilliantly inscrutable. Although at the end, when she makes decisions for him it’s hard to read D’Onofrio’s look – is he impressed? Is he suspicious? Is he enthralled? I expect we’re going to find out soon.

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In terms of the comics this entire season has been well off-script, especially in the back half, but I do like that they’re showing the futility of trying to bring down the Kingpin by legitimate means. The fact that he controls the system that could otherwise indict him is one of the main ideas behind the character, and this whole episode really gives you the right sense of it. Netflix plays fast and loose with its interpretations sometimes, but this? This is the Kingpin I recognize.

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