What on Earth is going on with the Fantastic Four reboot?

Ryan Lambie Feature Nov 12, 2014

In the wake of the Doctor Doom news, we look at what we know about the Fantastic Four reboot so far...

Why is Hollywood building so many cinematic universes?

Mark Harrison Feature Oct 13, 2014

From Marvel to Star Wars and Universal's monsters, Hollywood's become obsessed with universe building. Mark takes a closer look...

All six Star Wars films to be released by Disney?

The Star Wars logo.
Ryan Lambie News Oct 8, 2014

An Italian TV advert appears to confirm that all six Star Wars films will be released through Disney...

Gotham coming to Channel 5 in the UK

Louisa Mellor News Aug 6, 2014

Channel 5 has acquired the rights to Fox's high-profile comic-book series, Gotham...

Latest trailer for Gotham, and news on the Joker

Louisa Mellor Trailer Jul 16, 2014

Jim Gordon narrates the latest moody trailer for Gotham, starting on Fox in the US on Monday the 22nd of September...

Fox cancels Egypt-set series, Hieroglyph, before it airs

Louisa Mellor News Jul 1, 2014

Fox has pulled the plug on new Egyptian-set historical fantasy adventure series, Hieroglyph, before an episode has aired...

Gotham character posters for the Penguin, Catwoman and more...

Louisa Mellor Poster Jun 26, 2014

Fox has released a clutch of noir-tinged character posters for forthcoming Batman prequel series, Gotham...

The current state of the big comic book movie universes

Simon Brew Feature Jun 6, 2014

Marvel, DC, Spider-Man and X-Men are each having their own cinematic universes - but how are they all doing?

X-Men, Fantastic Four, Marvel, Fox and a rumoured conspiracy

James Hunt Feature Jun 3, 2014

Is a fractured relationship between Marvel and Fox leading to the end of Fantastic Four comics and no X-Men toys?

The problems with directly adapting comics

Rob Leane Feature May 29, 2014

From Days of Future Past to Iron Man 3’s Extremis arc, we examine the positives and pitfalls of plundering comics directly for film...