Gotham season 1: final episodes trailer teases Batcave

Rob Leane News Apr 24, 2015

Baddies, Batcaves and, um, ballistics feature in this new trailer for Gotham season 1’s concluding episodes…

Play-Doh film in the works at Fox?

Ryan Lambie News Apr 7, 2015

Reports suggest that a movie based on Play-Doh is in the offing, with Bridesmaids' Paul Feig lined up as director...

The X-Files new episodes confirmed: Duchovny and Anderson returning

David Crow News Mar 24, 2015

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are going to reprise their roles as Mulder and Scully in the new X-Files revival.

Sleepy Hollow renewed for third season

Rob Leane News Mar 19, 2015

Good news, Sleepy Hollow fans: season three, with a new showrunner and production location, has just been confirmed by Fox…

The Following season 3 episode 1 review: New Blood

Ron Hogan Review Mar 4, 2015

The Following America's craziest, most violent, unpredictable and poor taste show starring Kevin Bacon, is back for season 3...

Lucifer: Tom Ellis cast as lead in comic book pilot

Rob Leane News Mar 2, 2015

Comic book adaptation Lucifer has found its leading man – EastEnders, Doctor Who and Miranda star Tom Ellis…

Alien 5: what we know, our questions, fears and hopes

Ryan Lambie Feature Feb 20, 2015

As Alien 5 is announced, here's a look at what we know about the sequel so far, and our questions, fears and hopes about what it might hold.

Horror comic Enormous is coming to TV

Rob Leane News Feb 17, 2015

Fox are producing an event series based on Tim Daniel and Mehdi Cheggour’s horror comic Enormous…

Neill Blomkamp's proposed Alien sequel: "Fox would make it"

Ryan Lambie News Feb 11, 2015

Director Neill Blomkamp talks about his Alien sequel concept, and reveals that "Fox would make it. Like tomorrow"...

24: ranking the seasons in order of quality

Alex Carter Feature Feb 20, 2015

24's Jack Bauer has had more bad days than anyone. But some were worse than others…