Harrison Ford

Indiana Jones 5 will not be the last in the series

Simon Brew News
Jun 23, 2016

Once Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford make Indiana Jones 5, Disney has plans for further movies. Reboot time?

Indiana Jones 5: Spielberg confirms Indy won’t be killed off

Simon Brew News
Jun 15, 2016

Steven Spielberg admits he's "super excited" about Indiana Jones 5 - and that Indy is set to survive it...

Han Solo: what we know about his origins, and his movie

Rob Leane Feature
Jun 8, 2016

Star Wars’ scruffy-lookin’ nerf herder, Mr Han Solo, is getting his own movie. Here’s what we know...

Star Wars: what we learnt from Force Awakens’ deleted scenes

Dan Cooper Feature
Apr 26, 2016

With the Star Wars Blu-ray now out, what do the deleted scenes tell us about JJ Abrams’ original vision for the movie?

Indiana Jones 5: film will follow on from Crystal Skull

Simon Brew News
Apr 13, 2016

The next Indiana Jones adventure will be a "continuation" of Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

Blade Runner 2: Dave Bautista confirmed

Ryan Lambie News
Apr 5, 2016

The formidable Dave Bautista is confirmed for an "important supporting role" in the forthcoming Blade Runner 2...

Blade Runner 2 casting latest

Apr 1, 2016

Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling are being joined by Robin Wright in the Blade Runner sequel...

Indiana Jones 5: Harrison Ford on returning to the role

Simon Brew News
Mar 23, 2016

Harrison Ford has been chatting about why he was happy to sign up to Indiana Jones 5...

Indiana Jones 5: thoughts, expectations and what we know

Mark Harrison Feature
Mar 16, 2016

It's definite: Indiana Jones is returning to our screens in 2019. But Disney's announcements leaves a lot of questions behind...

Indiana Jones 5: David Koepp hired to pen script

Simon Brew News
Mar 21, 2016

Indiana Jones 5 is confirmed for July 2019. Both Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford are back. And David Koepp is on writing duties...