No Metroid Prime sequel for Wii U says series producer

News Jun 18, 2015

In the wake of Nintendo's E3 Digital presentation, Metroid Prime's producer has said a full sequel "would likely now be on NX"...

Is the joypad putting off casual videogamers?

Guy Buckland Feature Aug 18, 2015

To regular gamers, technology has moved from a stick to seemingly 11,000 buttons on a joypad. But this may be what's putting non-gamers off.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force - first trailer

Ryan Lambie Trailer Jun 16, 2015

Nintendo announces the 3DS-only multiplayer shooter, Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Here's the brand new trailer...

Platinum is co-developing Star Fox Zero and a NieR sequel

Ryan Lambie Trailer Jun 16, 2015

Japanese studio Platinum is co-developing Star Fox Zero with Nintendo and a new NieR with Square-Enix. New trailers can be found here...

Nintendo announces Chibi Robo for 3DS

Ryan Lambie News Jun 1, 2015

Plucky GameCube era robot Chibi Robo is making a grand return in a new platform adventure for 3DS...

Nintendo's NX console to be Android based?

Ryan Lambie News Jun 3, 2015

Update: Nintendo has denied reports that its forthcoming NX console will be Android-based...

Eternal Darkness sequel in the works?

Ryan Lambie News May 26, 2015

GameCube survival horror classic Eternal Darkness might - just might - be getting a sequel, as Nintendo renews its trademark...

Splatoon: hands on with Nintendo's forthcoming FPS

Ewan Moore Feature May 14, 2015

Nintendo aims to put the colour back into the first-person shooter with Splatoon. Ewan goes hands-on with its multiplayer mode...

Nintendo might end region locking with the NX console

Ryan Lambie News May 11, 2015

Region locks could be a thing of the past by the time Nintendo's NX console comes out, suggests company president Satoru Iwata...

Nintendo: 5 mobile games scheduled for release by 2017

Ryan Lambie News May 8, 2015

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata reveals that 5 mobile games will be produced between now and 2017, with the first due out this year...