Bob’s Burgers: Fox orders season 7 and 8

Rob Leane News Oct 8, 2015

Ahead of season 6, Fox has cemented the future of Bob’s Burgers by ordering season 7 and 8, too…

Lethal Weapon: TV series in the works

Rob Leane News Oct 5, 2015

After battling NBC for the privilege, Fox has ordered a pilot for a series based on the Lethal Weapon movies…

The X-Files: extended trailer lands online

Rob Leane News Sep 30, 2015

FOX's event series revival of The X-Files has got another, more detailed trailer. You can check it out here...

Fantastic Four 2: "everything's open to discussion"

Simon Brew News Sep 28, 2015

Fox's creative consultant, Mark Millar, on Josh Trank's Fantastic Four, and the state of Fantastic Four 2...

Prometheus: Ridley Scott to direct all three sequels

Ryan Lambie News Sep 25, 2015

Exclusive: Ridley Scott has confirmed to us that he's to direct all three Prometheus sequels currently planned...

The A-Team: TV reboot in the works

Rob Leane News Sep 25, 2015

Fast & Furious and Sleepy Hollow alumni are working on a new telly version of The A-Team, for FOX...

Gotham season 2: not reaching UK until 2016

Rob Leane News Sep 23, 2015

Sad news, UK Bat-fans - Channel 5 has announced that Gotham won’t return to British shores until 2016…

League Of Extraordinary Gentleman film reboot thoughts

DC Feature Sep 24, 2015

Fox has recently announced a reboot for the ailing League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen franchise. We take a look at its options...

Deadpool 2 already being considered

Simon Brew News Sep 15, 2015

Simon Kinberg wants a sequel to Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds, worked out before the first film is released next February.

Kate Mara on Fantastic Four: reviews put her off seeing it

Simon Brew News Sep 14, 2015

The new Sue Storm looks back on Fantastic Four, describing director Josh Trank's infamous Tweet as "highly disappointing".