UPDATED Doctor Who: Christmas Special prequel

News Louisa Mellor 16 Nov 2012 - 19:43

This year's Doctor Who Christmas Special has a prequel, and rather a fun one at that. Take a look here...

UPDATED: Once you've watched the prequel, you'll want to take a look at this brand new trailer for the Christmas Special, hereafter known as The Snowmen...

Here it is then, in aid of the BBC's Children In Need appeal, the Steven Moffat-penned 'minisode' prequel to this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Great Detective.

Warning: contains some alarming news about the Doctor, and several slurs against the moon...

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There's some distinct RTD tones about this one. The minisode reminded me specifically in the humour and the music that reminded me of Donna's theme...It's silly, and it's an invasion and there's a villain making bad puns... Moffat's abandoned all subtlety hasn't he! After 'Carol' and 'Wardrobe' I bet he thought it was time to add some monsters...and he's gone back to his trademarked style of turning something innocent from childhood into nightmare fuel. Snowmen. Looks absolutely ridiculous. Can't wait!

Ice Warriors...?

The Abominable Snowmen?

If you look back at the history of Doctor Who Christmas specials back to 2005, I wouldn't exactly use the word subtle to describe any of them. If anything, the Christmas special is a time for the series to lose control a little bit. But there are questions of course that may or may not be answered: why and how is Strax still alive? Is her name really Clara or is Oswin Oswald playing coy? And has Vastra had a facelift? Curious minds want to know (and can't wait till Christmas to find out!)

Couldn't resist visiting Karen's twitter account around the time of transmission but there was just some strange muzac,instead of a post, it wasn't even bagpipe music or Elvis.She's just chilling and meeting people in L.A. I think she's ok.It's funny ,when Sladen replaced Katy when i was a kid,i was more interested in how Sladen felt replacing her than how Katy felt about moving on and becoming somebody else again.Liked what i saw of The Snowmen.I'ts going to be proper Doctor Who and Christmassy.I guess the Doctor still likes to wear Pond's glasses to keep seeing things through her eyes.

Some observations:
The Snowmen baddies look great.
Is The Doctor wearing Amy's glasses?
Stovepipe hats are cool.

Ah-HA! Looks like I guessed right: the new companion must be a nanny! Because the Doctor needs someone to look after him and set him back on track. Does anyone think she's NOT a nanny after seeing that trailer? I suppose she could be an older sister and not a prof. nanny; same difference, a caretaker role.

She seems very Mary Poppins...

Well , Strax ix a cloned Sontaran. Maybe they saved some of his stem stells and made a copy ?
Maybe Clara / Oswin is undercover ?
What I would like to know is why we are in yet another Victorian setting and why it has to be set at Christmas?
Patronising the viewers a little?

Because it's a Christmas special?
And in regards to the Victorian London setting, they've only done that once before. Years ago, with a whole other Doctor.

That first Strax reasoning of yours MIGHT be right. Or, if the major, internal-logic-destroying, cop-out that was the reasons for the Ponds' exit is anything to go by, maybe it's just Moffat putting a middle finger up to any form of continuity for the sake of shoving whatever he wants in a story. I'm being cynical, though. I loved most of the first half of this series and I have a feeling Ms Coleman could be the kick the show needs. I felt two and a half series was just too much of the Ponds. Matt Smith needs some new faces to play against. Bring it on, I say! And hope Moffat hasn't gone mad with power...

It's a show about Time Travel, and we never have seen how the Doctor met Strax, or Vastra. He relied on them in 'A Good Man goes to War' for a reason. Maybe we'll see the bonds being formed after we've seen them loyally helping the Doctor rescue his best friend. Time Travel! Cause and Effect work differently.

The only good thing about this prequel was that it had Matt Smith playing the man with two hearts (and a new hat!), Other than that it wasn't much cop. Certainly not a patch on the Space and Time short that Moffat wrote for Comic Relief a while back. Which remains IMO one of the greatest written self contained stories in Who.

I just found out the King in the North (Richard Madden) is in a relationship with the new companion, Jenna. Awesome.

Richard E Grant looks fun. I just want there to be a proper story this time. The Gambon one was wonderful to look at but was terribly weak in terms of logical plot. Last year wasn't much better.

Twice... The Next Doctor and The Unquiet Dead but they have all been three years or more apart.

Yeah, The Next Doctor was the one I was talking about. The Unquiet Dead, as you said, was years ago and wasn't a christmas special. Hardly patronizing the viewers.

Don't get me wrong - I agree with you on it being a perfectly good setting for a Christmas episode :)

Agreed - last year's was all about the beginning and the end with very little in the middle. Bill Bailey & Arabella Weir (not to mention the first mention of Androzani for many many years) were terribly wasted.

The Talons of Weng Chiang-The Evil of the Daleks-The Next Doctor-The Snowmen- one other story this season.......
Just because it is on TV at Christmas doesn't mean it has to be set at that time.

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