UPDATED Doctor Who: Brand new companion shot

News Louisa Mellor 13 Jun 2012 - 09:26

A second and third official look at The Doctor and Jenna-Louise Coleman’s new companion filming series 7 of Doctor Who have arrived…

UPDATE: A third official picture (below) of Smith and Coleman filming Doctor Who series 7 has arrived, and, er, it's ooh, about 90 degrees to the right in terms of difference from the second, but here it is all the same.

Yup, that’s definitely Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman filming series 7 of Doctor Who. He’s definitely wearing a bow-tie, she definitely has her hands on her hips, and… that’s about all we can tell you at present.

It’s the second official BBC shot of the new Who duo filming in Margam Country Park, with a third due on Wednesday (if they keep this up, we’re hoping we’ll be able to watch a whole episode in flipbook form come August).

Right then, caption competition time. Who’ll start us off?


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Blorgons. It's pronounced Blor-gons.

And this is where I say "Timey-whimey" and you look all impressed!

Shall we get the token snog out of the way now? The fans hate it, anyway.  And then we can just get on with with the SciFi. ...I'll get me coat

Talking of coats (and a liitle off topic; I like Matt Smith's new one. Anyone know what the name of the style is? I'd love one of those. The whole look is almost back to the Old Who Edwardian.

I'm not David, my name is matt...maaaatt.

"Do you have a best friend? Coz theres a chance that she may be your daughter and also possibly my wife.... sorry about that"

Go on then, tell me what way Karen used to do it once more.....see what happens!!!!

BTW: I only clicked on this link because I thought some crazed fan had tried to kill the new companion.....kinda mis-leading headline, no?

Are you bigger on the inside :)

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! I said do you like my Dickie BOW!

It says here you've been shot?

My first reaction to the headline was the companion had been involved in a gun drama on set....Weird conditioning! ;o)

"This is called psychic script - it makes the viewers think Chritmas specials are not totally ****."

"Hmmm... Interesting. Says here at least 2 in every 5 fans who look at this picture will suspect you're The Rani, Romana or Susan."

Did you find out about the coat? It is rather fetching.

"So what do you think about the way the newspapers are going on about my sexy figure, my flowing silky hair, my luscious pouty lips, my perfect high cheekbones and my 'come hither' bedroom eyes?"

"I completely agree with them, Matt."

I just noticed. That's hilarious.


Yes, yes.  But is she cleaver?

....is she used for hacking through bone?!
Seriously, of all the words to spell incorrectly, that is probably the most embarrassing :)

"There are worlds out there where the sky is burning, and the sea's
asleep, and the rivers dream. People made of smoke, and cities made of
song. Somewhere there's danger, somewhere there’s injustice, and
somewhere else the tea's getting cold. Come on, Clara — we’ve got work to
do!" ;-D

I'm still trying to work out if the new companion is from a different period in time rather than being in the modern era.

Wow, they've moved. Are we supposed to print all of these out eventually and watch episode one as a flicker book?

"you have GOT to be kidding me, how the hell do you pronounce that?"

Hey D!

Glad to see you back on the new site.  Just to let you know you can merge your new profile with your comments from the old site if you're bothered! :)

"Seven hundred years you've had the TARDIS. You'd think you'd be able to read a map by now.";
"Look, see, we took a left, just like it says";
"You're holding it upside down."

Jenna: Hang on, nobody said anything about kissing!
Matt: Nope, it's in all the companions contracts. See, the really tiny bit. Everyone has to do it, even John Barrowman. 

'She's dead already!' 

'I was dead for a series. Just lie and you'll be fine.'

"Yes, you definitely take you definitely take your top off now. See? You have to read between the lines."

Right so that's the handle...how do you make a spout? 

Dr: "Don't turn around, but I think we may have landed the Tardis in an extremely busy cottaging area"


Dr: "This map is useless. If only there was somebody around we could ask"

The News that Karen Gillian wanted to appear on Community was very welcome.

Please let that be the updated outfit for the Doctor. It's bang on, adding some polish, elegance, and gravitas to Smith's mercurial sometimes-too-giddy performance.

I like the new coat the Doctor is wearing. I doubt that will be enough to restore my faith in failing Who under Moffat though. Looks a bit like they are both reading an orienteering map.Lets hope it points Matt in the direction of the acting school he so desperately needs.

more like:

Matt "Blimey this script is poor, should I just belt out another blinding line about fish finger timey wimey wibley wobley topsy turvey custar?"

Jenna "Yeah, that oughttta keep the dunces distracted from the lack of coherant plot, good call, Matt"

Matt "Blimey this script is poor, should I just belt out another blinding line about fish finger timey wimey wibbley wobbley topsy turvey custard?"
Jenna "Yeah, that oughtta keep the dunces distracted from the lack of coherent plot, good call, Matt"

"I wanna suck your Cock Doc"

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