Nintendo announces its new NX console

Ryan Lambie News Mar 17, 2015

At a Tokyo press conference, Nintendo has announced the NX: "new hardware with a brand new concept"...

Nintendo to make games for mobile devices

Ryan Lambie News Mar 17, 2015

It's been announced that Nintendo is to release games for tablets and phones in a new venture with Japanese mobile company, DeNA...

10 things you didn't know about Nintendo's Kirby

Jason Gallagher Top 10 Feb 24, 2015

Kirby has had a long, interesting life as Nintendo's favorite little pink hero. Here's a look back at the character's strange history...

Kirby And The Rainbow Curse ad introduces a world of clay

Ryan Lambie Trailer Feb 10, 2015

Nintendo's commercial for the forthcoming Kirby And The Rainbow Curse shows off the game's colourful modelling clay look...

Games nobody talks about anymore: 1983's Mario Bros

Ryan Lambie Feature Feb 7, 2015

Before Super Mario Bros, there was the slightly less famous arcade machine, Mario Bros. We look back at Mario's first eponymous outing...

Club Nintendo to close, Stars expire in September

Ryan Lambie News Jan 20, 2015

Nintendo is to close its loyalty scheme. Club Nintendo members have until September to spend their Stars...

Rare NES game sells for over $35,000 on eBay

Ryan Lambie News Jan 16, 2015

A sealed copy of NES exercise game Stadium Events has sold on eBay for an eye-watering - and potentially record-breaking - $35,100...

Puzzles & Dragons: Super Mario Bros Edition confirmed for Europe

Ryan Lambie News Jan 14, 2015

A Mario-themed version of one of Japan's biggest games is coming to the 3DS in Europe. It's Puzzles & Dragons: Super Mario Bros Edition...

Confirmed: New Nintendo 3DS to launch in Europe in February

Ryan Lambie News Jan 14, 2015

Nintendo has announced the European release date for the New 3DS - it's the 13th February...

Have bugged videogames now become the norm?

Aaron Birch Feature Jan 14, 2015

2014 was a banner year for troubled videogame releases, but is this how the industry now operates?