Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s Trailer Is Hiding A Ton of Secrets

It turns out that Princess Daisy and Elephant Mario may have just been the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Super Mario Wonder's secrets.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Photo: Nintendo

The recent Nintendo Direct delivered plenty of surprise announcements. Nobody could have predicted a Super Mario RPG remake or a new Detective Pikachu game, but nothing surprised audiences more than the reveal of Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

To be frank, most gamers probably expected a Super Mario Odyssey sequel rather than another 2D Super Mario Bros. game, but, judging by the trailer, Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be a worthy addition to any Switch owner’s library. Plus, even though the video teased some of the game’s features and levels, it might have revealed so much more than that.

From Wonder Seeds to Elephant Luigis, here are some of the most notable secrets I spotted in Super Mario Bros. Wonder‘s trailer.

The Unique Wonder Seed Mechanics May Have Something to Do With Purple Coins

If the trailer was any indication, most of Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be built around the new Wonder Seed mechanic. These Wonder Seed portions of the game will feature twists and turns that feel like they were pulled from a dream (or drug trip). Judging by the trailer, no two Wonder Seed sections will be quite the same.

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The video showed several examples of such Wonder Seed sequences, including one where pipes came to life, one where bouncy hippos filled the screen, and one where Mario’s torso lengthened to ungodly proportions. Since the Wonder Seed section probably caught a lot of viewers off guard, Nintendo could very well maintain that pace and fill Super Mario Bros. Wonder with unique and crazy Wonder Seeds that keep players guessing.

However, when the trailer started, many viewers probably noticed that the UI in the video included a spot for normal coins and another spot for purple coins. What you may not have noticed was that, during the Wonder Seed sections, the purple coin counter gained a decimal point, and the little bits of purple that Mario collected increased the purple coin counter by 1/10th. That is a very odd design choice that raises two pertinent questions: What purpose will the purple coins serve, and what can you do with a fraction of a coin (if anything)?

Where Are the Points?

Most 3D Super Mario games don’t utilize a points-based scoring system, whereas most 2D Super Mario games do (even if they’re mostly there for the sake of tradition). However, judging by the trailer for Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Nintendo seems to be changing things up in a potentially significant way.

Throughout the video, we see words such as “Good,” “Great,” and “Super” pop up from time to time. Most notably, those words appeared whenever Mario landed on an enemy. The more footstools Mario chained together, the better the praises. We’ve seen a similar “grading” system in major action games (most notably, the Devil May Cry series), but its apparent presence in the Wonder trailer was certainly surprising.

It really seems like Super Mario Bros. Wonder might replace points with whatever those words are supposed to represent. What’s the point of that new system, though? Do higher and more frequent commendations provide any tangible in-game advantages? Let’s hope so.

Numerous Playable Characters and Their Unique Mechanics

Shortly after the Super Mario Wonder trailer revealed the game’s title, the video ran through a slew of playable characters. However, Princess Daisy arguably stole that particular part of the show. After all, Wonder will mark the first time Daisy has appeared in a mainline Super Mario game since Super Mario Land, and, more importantly, the first time she has been playable in a mainline Super Mario game.

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Moreover, during her first few seconds onscreen, Daisy managed to challenge and defeat a Chargin’ Chuck (or a similar variation of Koopa) in a shoving contest. Since Chucks are known for their size and strength, this feat raises all sorts of questions. Will Daisy be the strongest playable character in the game? If so, will other characters be better at activities such as jumping and running speed?

Interestingly, the trailer might have confirmed that is indeed the case. Later in the preview, we see Yoshi performing his iconic flutter kick. However, he performed that move while Mario was riding him. At the moment, my best theory is that characters will at least be able to interact with one another and pull off moves they can’t perform individually. If that is the case, then different character combinations could produce unique results. Players might even want to run through the same level multiple times with different characters, as, early in the trailer, a block with Mario’s “M” popped up, which implied that certain objects might only appear for specific characters.

While we’re on the subject of Yoshi, in one of the last clips before the trailer ends, viewers can clearly see four Yoshis running through a hail of thin, barracuda-like Bullet Bills. On one hand, this segment could imply that players can actually have multiple clones of the same character (but possibly only with Yoshi and Toad). However, judging by the corners of the screen, it’s more likely that was actually a Wonder Seed segment. If that is the case, though, then will similar Wonder Seed sections allow us to have multiple Marios and legions of Luigis?

Elephant Mario Is Just the Beginning of Wonder’s Power-Ups

Super Mario games are synonymous with their power-ups. You’ve got the iconic Fire Flower, Mushroom, and Power Star, but the Super Mario Bros. Wonder trailer implies that the game will blur the franchise’s line between power-ups and level gimmicks.

Whoever planned out the trailer knew what they were doing since the video ended with the game’s most meme-worthy addition: a fruit that turns Mario into a bipedal elephant. For now, let’s call it the Elephant Fruit. Since the item popped out of a Question Block, it was clearly meant to be a powerup every character can collect. While the video only showed Mario using the item, It’s only a matter of time before Nintendo reveals what Elephant Luigi, Toad, Daisy, and Peach look like. Of course, artists across the internet will probably post their versions before you are done reading this article.

However, the Elephant Fruit is seemingly only one of many powerups that will litter the final game. In fact, judging by an innocuously blank slot in the UI, players will probably be able to hold backup powerups and use them in emergencies. But what other powerups can players collect? The Super Mario Bros. Wonder trailer included classics like the Fire Flower and Mushroom, but it also previewed some “power-ups” that might not be power-ups at all.

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During the segment that showed off the game’s playable characters, Mario and Princess Peach glided through the air by holding opened, color-coordinated hats. That could be a power-up, but it’s more likely a stage gimmick. And while the trailer teased Wonder Seed segments, audiences saw what was clearly a version of Mario that had transformed into a spikey ball bulldozer. That could also be a new power-up, but given the seemingly random nature of Wonder Seeds, the game could just as easily turn Mario (and all other characters) into rolling balls of destruction for limited segments.

On one hand, if that spikey ball form is a power-up, then Nintendo is getting really wild with their power-up ideas. If that isn’t the case, then you’ve got to wonder just how much Wonder Seeds will affect Wonder‘s core gameplay and primary mechanics.

That’s about everything I noticed from the trailer, but what about you? What was your favorite part? Are there any secrets we missed? Let us know in the comments.