PlayStation Now is coming to PC

Matthew Byrd News
Aug 24, 2016

Uncharted on Windows? Soon, PC gamers will be able to access over 400 PlayStation 3 titles on their computers...

Confirmed: PlayStation 4 Slim is a console that exists

Ryan Lambie News
Aug 23, 2016

Those images of a PlayStation 4 Slim are genuine, it's confirmed - meaning a new edition of the console could be released very soon...

Sony reportedly set to unveil PlayStation 4 Neo next month

Matthew Byrd News
Aug 9, 2016

Sources from inside Sony claim that the PlayStation 4 Neo will be showcased at a special event.

Powers: comic book TV show cancelled

John Saavedra News
Aug 4, 2016

The Powers TV series will end with season 2, according to series creator Brian Michael Bendis.

Ghostbusters (2016) – examining the post-credits scene

Rob Leane Feature
Jul 13, 2016

Did you stick around until the end of the new Ghostbusters? Are you wondering what that extra scene meant? Find out here...

Crash Bandicoot remasters coming to PlayStation 4

Joe Jasko Trailer
Jun 15, 2016

One of PlayStation’s oldest mascots is finally coming home with a trilogy of remastered Crash Bandicoot games...

Batman: Arkham VR - first trailer for Rocksteady's PlayStation exclusive

Ryan Lambie Trailer
Jun 14, 2016

Rocksteady's going VR for its next Batman game. Here's the first trailer for the PlayStation exclusive, Batman: Arkham VR...

Death Stranding: first trailer for Hideo Kojima's new game

Den Of Geek News
Jun 14, 2016

Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima's new game is called Death Stranding. Here's the first trailer, starring Norman Reedus...

PlayStation 4 Neo confirmed, won't be at E3

John Saavedra News
Jun 10, 2016

Sony Interactive Entertainment president Andrew House has confirmed the existence of the PlayStation 4 Neo...

Channel 4 announce Philip K Dick series, feat. Bryan Cranston

Rob Leane News
May 11, 2016

Channel 4 and Sony Pictures Television are teaming up for a Philip K Dick-inspired anthology series...