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Wolfblood series 4 starts Tue 8th March; new trailer

Louisa Mellor Trailer
Feb 29, 2016

CBBC's terrific supernatural drama, Wolfblood, returns on Tuesday the 8th of March for its fourth series...

The Quest For Wonder: Robin Ince and Prof. Brian Cox web series trailer

Louisa Mellor Trailer
Dec 11, 2015

Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince's new 6-part science web mini-series, The Quest For Wonder, has a first trailer...

Celebrating the early days of CBBC’s Broom Cupboard

Louisa Mellor Feature
Sep 4, 2015

To mark CBBC’s thirtieth birthday, we delve into the Broom Cupboard to salute some cherished childhood memories…

Did you ever enter a children’s TV competition?

Den Of Geek News
Mar 16, 2015

Ever won a Blue Peter badge? Appeared on Mallett’s Mallet? Had a drawing on Tony Hart’s gallery? Den Of Geek wants your stories…

Why CBBC’s Wolfblood deserves a series 4

Louisa Mellor Feature
Oct 28, 2014

Wolfblood series 3 changed leads, expanded its world, and grew even stronger. Here’s why the supernatural CBBC show deserves to live on…

Celebrating Nickelodeon's golden age

Carley Tauchert Feature
Nov 27, 2014

Carley salutes Nickelodeon's 90s heyday, and gems including The Adventures Of Pete & Pete, Are You Afraid Of The Dark, and more...

The strangest sci-fi universes in pre-school TV

Chris Farnell Feature
Sep 24, 2014

From Q Pootle 5 to Igam Ogam, Chris talks us through some of the weirdest science fictional worlds in TV for the under-fives...

Looking back at Rainbow

Jenny Morrill Feature
Sep 3, 2014

Jenny takes a fond and bemused look back at ITV children's programme, Rainbow. Up above the streets and houses...

Peppa Pig and its perplexing mysteries

Jenny Morrill Feature
Sep 21, 2015

Peppa Pig is a family friendly show, with some perplexing mysteries to it. No Prime Ministers were involved in this article.

The jarring nostalgia of kids' TV reboots

Rob Smedley Feature
Jun 23, 2014

How likely is the current crop of kids' TV reboots, from Danger Mouse to The Clangers, Morph and more, to harm your childhood memories?