CBS cancels Limitless TV show

Rob Leane News
May 26, 2016

After one season CBS has pulled the plug on Limitless, the telly sequel to the Bradley Cooper movie...

Supergirl season 2: Kevin Smith to direct, new heroes cast

Rob Leane News
Aug 12, 2016

Kevin Smith will direct an episode of Supergirl season 2, which is set to add Mon-El and Miss Martian to its hero roster...

Person Of Interest: to end after season 5, premiere date confirmed

Rob Leane News
Mar 17, 2016

Person Of Interest will return to CBS for season 5 on Tuesday the 3rd of May, kicking off the show’s final run…

Supergirl and The Flash: longer crossover trailer arrives

Rob Leane News
Mar 22, 2016

Supergirl and The Flash’s upcoming crossover episode, Worlds Finest, now has another promo clip...

MacGyver: trailer for rebooted series

Rob Leane News
Aug 18, 2016

Lucas Till – Havoc from X-Men: First Class – will play MacGyver in CBS’s TV reimagining of the classic 1980s action series...

Supergirl: Melissa Benoist talks season 1 cliffhanger, impending crossovers

Rob Leane News
Jun 6, 2016

Melissa Benoist has been chatting about Supergirl's season 1 cliffhanger ending and The CW's crossover plans...

Supergirl: new comedic trailer, first look at villainous Livewire

Rob Leane News
Nov 5, 2015

Supergirl has successfully soared onto our screens. Now, here's a comedic new trailer and our first glimpse at the villainous Livewire…

Star Trek: what do we want from the new TV series?

James Hunt Feature
Nov 3, 2015

Star Trek returns to the small screen in 2017 - and here are a few things we'd love to see in the new series...