Doctor Who: is Colin Salmon the next Doctor?

News Simon Brew
11 Nov 2008 - 07:38
Mr Colin Salmon. Photo by Tim Soar.

Another face gets thrust forward as the future of the famous Time Lord...

Another day, and another actor gets linked with the role of Doctor Who. This time, it’s Colin Salmon, the star of many a Paul W S Anderson movie, and the man once tipped to be the first black James Bond, before Daniel Craig was cast as 007.

Salmon appeared in the last season of Doctor Who, playing Doctor Moon in the Steven Moffat two-parter Silence In The Library/Forest Of The Dead. And depending on who you believe, the 45-year old actor is now in talks with the BBC to take control of the Tardis from David Tennant. The announcement could well, apparently, be made as early as this Friday, on the BBC Children in Need telethon. Or it could all be nonsense. We suspect we’ll find out soon enough.

Salmon is a good actor, and we had the pleasure of nattering with him earlier in the year, but right now, we’re at the we’ll-believe-it-when-we-see-it stage where potential Time Lords are concerned.

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