Box office

How Saw changed the Halloween release schedule

Sarah Dobbs Feature Oct 10, 2014

This Halloween marks the 10 year anniversary of the release of the first Saw movie. Sarah looks back to see how things have changed

16 different ways that films make money

Brendon Connelly Feature Sep 15, 2014

Box office is one way a film makes its cash: but what are the others?

The growing influence of China on blockbuster cinema

Simon Brew Feature Sep 9, 2014

As Hollywood looks east, China's influence on blockbuster cinema is growing all the time, Simon writes...

Are big movie sequels getting better?

Simon Brew Feature Sep 3, 2014

Has 2014 marked a turning point in the quality of major movie sequels? And could there be hidden consequences to this?

Transformers 4, Mrs Brown's Boys, and criticising fans

Simon Brew Feature Jul 2, 2014

The success of Transformers 4 and Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie is having an unpleasant side effect...

The LEGO Movie opens to big box office

Simon Brew News Feb 10, 2014

A near-$70m opening weekend cements The LEGO Movie as the first big blockbuster success of the year...

The Wolverine scores at the global box office

Ryan Lambie News Jul 29, 2013

Although a modest success in the US, The Wolverine's international box office was the highest of any X-Men film yet released...

US box office report: The Possession wins weak weekend

John Gosling News Sep 9, 2012

The Possession, Lawless and The Words top the US box office...

The Avengers scores record-shattering $200.3m US opening weekend

The Avengers
Simon Brew News May 6, 2012

The US opening weekend results are in for The Avengers, and it's shattered Harry Potter's record-breaking first weekend take. That's just for starters...

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes hits at the box office

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes
Simon Brew News Aug 8, 2011

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes might just be the critical and commercial surprise of the summer, as the film soars to number one at the US box office...