The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead season 6 episode 1 review: First Time Again

Ron Hogan Review
Oct 12, 2015

The Walking Dead returns for season 6 with a stylish, character-focused opener that cleverly sets up next week's episode...

Fear The Walking Dead: Paul Haslinger interview

Paul Weedon Interview
Oct 12, 2015

We chat to film and television composer Paul Haslinger about his work on The Walking Dead spin-off, Fear The Walking Dead...

The Walking Dead: how will the show end?

Jamie Andrew Feature
Oct 9, 2015

Can The Walking Dead go on indefinitely? If not, where might it call things a day? As season 6 arrives, Jamie investigates...

Fear The Walking Dead episode 6 review: The Good Man

Ron Hogan Review
Oct 6, 2015

Fans finally get the big zombie moment they've been waiting for in the Fear The Walking Dead season one finale...

Fear The Walking Dead: mini-series companion show announced

Rob Leane News
Sep 29, 2015

Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 will be a companion series to The Walking Dead’s companion series, set on a plane…

Fear The Walking Dead episode 5 review: Cobalt

Ron Hogan Review
Sep 28, 2015

The penultimate episode of Fear The Walking Dead season one provides a grisly insight into the character of Daniel Salazar...

The Walking Dead season 6: Tom Payne cast as 'Jesus'

Rob Leane News
Sep 24, 2015

Comic book character Paul ‘Jesus’ Monroe is coming to The Walking Dead season 6. Tom Payne will play the role…

Fear The Walking Dead episode 4 review: Not Fade Away

Ron Hogan Review
Sep 21, 2015

This week's episode of Fear The Walking Dead robs us of witnessing the true downfall of LA, but also has some nicely-directed moments...

The Walking Dead season 6: new images reintroduce characters

Rob Leane News
Sep 16, 2015

Ahead of the season 6 premiere on Sunday the 11th of October, AMC has released a bundle of The Walking Dead pictures...

Fear The Walking Dead episode 3 review: The Dog

Ron Hogan Review
Sep 15, 2015

Fear The Walking Dead is pacing itself nicely and threatening a headlong sprint into chaos at any moment...