The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead season 6 episode 7 review: Heads Up

Ron Hogan Review
Nov 23, 2015

Problem after problem keep piling up for Rick Grimes and the gang in The Walking Dead season 6, and it's making for great TV...

Syfy's Z Nation: fun, low-budget, and well worth your time

Jamie Andrew Feature
Nov 20, 2015

Z Nation, made by schlock specialists The Asylum, has just been renewed for season 3. Here's why you should be watching...

The Walking Dead season 6 episode 6 review: Always Accountable

Ron Hogan Review
Nov 16, 2015

Daryl and Abraham are the focus of The Walking Dead season 6, episode 6, which paves the way for a new group of villains...

The Walking Dead season 6: Jeffrey Dean Morgan cast as Negan

Louisa Mellor News
Nov 11, 2015

In the latest Walking Dead casting news, Jeffrey Dean Morgan will play comic-book character, Negan in the season 6 finale...

The Walking Dead season 6 episode 5 review: Now

Ron Hogan Review
Nov 9, 2015

The Walking Dead focuses on the Alexandrians and features two stand-out performances this week, leaving one big question mark hanging...

The Walking Dead: AMC orders season 7

Rob Leane News
Nov 2, 2015

In a hardly-surprising piece of news, AMC has ordered season 7 of The Walking Dead and renewed The Talking Dead...

The Walking Dead season 6 episode 4 review: Here's Not Here

Ron Hogan Review
Nov 2, 2015

The Walking Dead season 6 takes a solid, but frustrating, breather from the main tale to explain how Morgan got his groove back...

Lennie James interview: The Walking Dead, Statham

Duncan Bowles Interview
Nov 2, 2015

From playing Morgan in The Walking Dead to working with Jason Statham, we chat to Lennie James...

The zombies of Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse

Matt Edwards Feature
Nov 5, 2015

We got to chat to the zombie makers on the set of Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse. We talked Google search history.

When zombies attacked... Neighbours (& other shows)

Jamie Andrew Feature
Oct 29, 2015

Fringe, Supernatural, Bob's Burgers... zombies pop up in all kinds of surprising places. Remember that time Ramsay Street was invaded?