Star Wars

Looking back at the early-90s classics from LucasArts

Simon Gilbert Feature Mar 31, 2015

From The Secret Of Monkey Island to Star Wars: Dark Forces, Simon looks back at some of the LucasArts' great early 90s games...

Star Wars: Rogue One - Ben Mendelsohn to star?

Ryan Lambie News Mar 26, 2015

Reports suggest that Ben Mendelsohn could be set to star in the 2016 Star Wars spin-off, Rogue One...

Must watch: Star Wars - TIE Fighter animated fan film

Ryan Lambie Viral Video Mar 24, 2015

Created by just one animator over four years, TIE Fighter is a superb, anime-style fan film set in the Star Wars universe. Take a look...

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: JJ Abrams on spoilers

Simon Brew News Mar 24, 2015

JJ Abrams is hoping that the Star Wars rumours - "many of which are true" - won't spoil the movie for people...

Star Wars: Episode IX - JJ Abrams rumoured to direct

The Star Wars logo.
Simon Brew News Mar 19, 2015

Could JJ Abrams return, after Star Wars: The Force Awakens, to direct Episode IX as well?

Star Wars Rogue One: Alexandre Desplat to write the score

The Star Wars logo.
Simon Brew News Mar 17, 2015

John Williams won't be scoring 2016's Star Wars film, from director Gareth Edwards. Instead, Alexandre Desplat is picking up the baton.

Star Wars: Rogue One is confirmed, Episode VIII due May 2017

The Star Wars logo.
Simon Brew News Mar 12, 2015

2016's Star Wars spin-off movie is now called Star Wars: Rogue One. And Episode VIII is arriving earlier than thought in 2017...

10 sci-fi movies that are remakes or reworks of other genres

Mark Pickavance Feature Mar 17, 2015

From Moby Dick to trading cards, we look at some of the more surprising influences behind these sci-fi hits...

LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales is coming to Disney XD

Rob Leane News Mar 2, 2015

New Disney XD TV show LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales will retell the entire saga from C-3PO and R2-D2’s perspective…

11 of action cinema's great movie villain pairings

Ryan Lambie Odd List Feb 26, 2015

From early Bond to 21st century sci-fi, here's Ryan's pick of 11 unforgettable villain pairings from action cinema history...