Guillermo del Toro

The Strain episode 7 review: For Services Rendered

Billy Grifter Review Aug 26, 2014

The Strain focuses on only the critical plots this week and is much improved for it. Here's Billy's review...

Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain gets a second season

Rob Leane News Aug 20, 2014

Second season confirmed for TV vampire novel adaptation The Strain.

The Strain episode 6 review: Occultation

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Has The Strain dug itself into a creative hole? Here's Billy's review of Occultation...

The Strain episode 5 review: Runaways

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Billy continues to be underwhelmed by The Strain. Here's his review of Runaways...

The Strain episode 4 review: It's Not For Everyone

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The Strain appears to have turned a corner in this week's entertaining episode. Here's Billy's review...

The Strain episode 3 review: Gone Smooth

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Billy is beginning to get bored with family hour and wants the horror show those behind The Strain promised...

The Strain episode 2 review: The Box

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The Strain still isn't doing much for Billy in week two. Here's his review of The Box...

The Strain episode 1 review: Night Zero

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Billy finds fresh meat on the gothic horror table with The Strain, from the creative mind of Guillermo del Toro and friends...

Hellboy 3 unlikely, says Guillermo del Toro

Simon Brew News Jul 14, 2014

A lack of funding is likely to put an end to hopes of Hellboy 3, admits Guillermo del Toro...

Guillermo del Toro on Pacific Rim animated TV series

Louisa Mellor News Jul 7, 2014

The Pacific Rim animated series is to be a prequel focusing on Jaeger pilots working in the Shatterdome, says del Toro...