Guillermo del Toro

Justice League Dark movie reportedly set to shoot in 2016

Ryan Lambie News
Oct 9, 2015

The Justice League Dark movie's set to begin shooting in 2016 under producer Scott Rudin, a new report suggests...

Guillermo del Toro interview: Crimson Peak, Pacific Rim 2

Brendon Connelly Interview
Oct 13, 2015

Guillermo del Toro chats to us about Crimson Peak, Pacific Rim 2 and Pan's Labyrinth...

The Strain season 2 episode 13 review: Night Train

Billy Grifter Review
Oct 5, 2015

The Strain delivers a welcome surprise: a succinct, compelling narrative for its season two finale, Night Train...

Pacific Rim 2 loses its release date, but is still happening

Simon Brew News
Sep 30, 2015

Pitch Perfect 3 takes Pacific Rim 2's release date - but Guillermo del Toro will still make the movie...

The Strain season 2 episode 11 review: Dead End

Billy Grifter Review
Sep 22, 2015

Billy continues to find the pace of The Strain season two tryingly slow. With just two episodes left in the season, when will it speed up?

Pacific Rim 2: Guillermo del Toro still working on film

Simon Brew News
Sep 18, 2015

Guillermo del Toro says he might fit another film in first, but that he's still working on a Pacific Rim sequel.

Pacific Rim 2 has been "halted indefinitely"

Simon Brew News
Sep 17, 2015

Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim sequel is being caught up in uneasy relations between Legendary and Universal Pictures...

The Strain season 2 episode 10 review: The Assassin

Billy Grifter Review
Sep 15, 2015

The Strain's glacial storytelling pace in season two isn't doing much to keep our reviewer enthralled...

Guillermo del Toro working on 'Wall-E meets Splash'

Guillermo Del Toro - currently a happy man.
Simon Brew News
Sep 10, 2015

A new mystery film is on Guillermo del Toro's schedule - and it sound just a little bit different...

The Strain season 2 episode 9 review: The Battle For Red Hook

Billy Grifter Review
Sep 8, 2015

Billy continues to find little to praise about The Strain. Here's his review of the show's latest frustrating episode...