Is Wizbit the worst kids’ TV programme ever?

Later in the year, our countdown of the best children's TV programmes of the 1980s will begin. But first: there's the small matter of Wizbit to deal with...

Wizbit: it's rubbish

As you get older, rose-tinted spectacles make you believe things that simply aren’t true. It’s a phenomena I’ve named The Bagpuss Effect, after the number of polls relating to classic TV programmes that Bagpuss continues to score highly in. Yet try and watch an episode today, and it’s innocent, happy, and ultimately, really quite shit. It’s harsh statement, but it’s nonetheless one of those things more need to accept to be able to move on with life.

But I’ve now met three people in the last two months who proclaim, with no thought for their own dignity, that Wizbit is the best kids’ TV programme ever.


This was the Paul Daniels-Debbie McGee abomination (and, to be fair, there has been more than one), centred around an alien magician in the world of Puzzleopolis. Characters included Squidy Bog, Professor Doom and Wozbit. He was the evil one, obviously.

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But let’s, again, look at some facts. Here are just a few reasons why Wizbit is one of the crappest pieces of children’s programming to ever hit the BBC:

* Paul Daniels, obviously* And Debbie McGee* Crap theme tune* Overarching feeling of adults trying tog et down with the kids* Annoying characters* It’d be churlish not to mention Paul and Debbie again* Stories developed by randomising lots of cliches* Even Bagpuss is better than it.

The BBC would, actually, go on to make something worse in the 1990s – Dizzy Heights, anyone? – but the 27 episodes of Wizbit are surely one of the low points in their archive. If you disagree, I’m genuinely fascinated, and feel free to use the comments below to explain more…