Upcoming Marvel Movies and TV: MCU Release Date Schedule for Phase 5 and 6

If you're looking for updated details on all the Marvel MCU movies and Disney+ TV series coming up, including Deadpool 3, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, and Avengers: Secret Wars, this is the place!

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in Deadpool and Wolverine
Marvel / Disney Photo: Jay Maidment / Marvel Studios

A bold new era for the Marvel Cinematic Universe began in 2021 on Disney+ with the wildly successful WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki, but Marvel Studios certainly haven’t been resting on their laurels in terms of upcoming cinematic blockbusters. Deadpool & Wolverine will be making its way to the big screen soon, while X-Men 97 will hit our TVs early next year.

There are even more Marvel movies on their way after this year, including a brand new version of Blade, Captain America: Brave New World, Thunderbolts, Fantastic Four, a pair of big Avengers movies, and much more. And that’s without mentioning all the other TV series in the works, like Agatha, Wonder Man, Ironheart, Daredevil: Born Again…must we go on?

If you’ve been a little confused by Marvel’s shifting dates and streaming priorities, never fear! We’ve got a comprehensive release calendar for you here detailing all the upcoming MCU projects, so you’ll always be able to find the latest updates when you need them. This latest update encompasses both Kevin Feige’s comments about paring back the number of MCU shows released per year on Disney+, and the delays to Marvel releases due to strike action.

Let’s take a look at everything that Marvel and the Marvel Studios-Sony partnership have in store over the next few years…

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Deadpool & Wolverine

Release Date: July 26, 2024

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick return as the writing team tasked with bringing the Merc with a Mouth to the MCU, and frequent Ryan Reynolds collaborator Shawn Levy will direct. What a Deadpool & Wolverine could look like in the interconnected Marvel Cinematic Universe is, of course, anybody’s guess, but if anyone can crack wise about the follies of this kind of corporate synergy, it’s Ryan Reynolds. Oh, and none other than Hugh Jackman will return in this threequel as Wolverine. How? Well, it’s set well before the character’s death in 2029, as depicted in James Mangold’s acclaimed Logan. Emma Corrin (The Crown) has also signed on in an undisclosed, possibly villainous role. So, there ya go!

This one is in postproduction, with Owen Wilson’s Mobius and Tara Strong’s animated TVA mascot Miss Minutes from Loki also reportedly on board for a timey wimey plot.

Kraven the Hunter

Release Date: December 13 2024

While technically not part of the MCU, things are always murky enough with these Sony Spider-Man projects that we figure it’s better safe than sorry when it comes to including them. In this case, another Spidey villain is getting his own movie. This time, it’s Kraven the Hunter, a character who had once been tapped to appear in Sony’s previous attempt to bring a Sinister Six movie to life (his spear appeared in that tease at the close of The Amazing Spider-Man 2), and who Jon Watts once considered as the villain for his third Spidey flick before No Way Home came together.

JC Chandor is directing from a screenplay by Matt Holloway, Art Marcum, and Richard Wenk. Aaron Taylor-Johnson will star as Sergei Kravenoff. It’s gotta be better than Morbius, right? Anyone who says “it’s Kraven time” will be blocked and reported.

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Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness in Marvel's WandaVision


Release Date: TBA 2024

WandaVision writer Jac Schaefer returns to the MCU’s small screen with this live-action spin-off series that will bring back the breakout character of that first show, Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn). Cackling and witchy vibes incoming; bunny stroking likely. Joining the brilliant Hahn are Joe Locke, Ali Ahn, Maria Dizzia, Sasheer Zamata, and Aubrey Plaza (make Legion MCU canon, you cowards!). It’s also possible that this isn’t even the final title of the show as it keeps changing every few months, and maybe the reason why will become clearer soon.

Wakanda in Marvel's Black Panther

Eyes of Wakanda

Release date: TBA 2024

Created by veteran Marvel storyboard artist Todd Harris, the animated series Eyes of Wakanda follows warriors sent to return Vibranium relics to their home country. Black Panther director Ryan Coogler will be involved in some capacity, but it might just be as a producer. We wrote more about some of the implications of this here.

Marvel's Spider-Man: Freshman Year animated series

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

Release Date: TBA 2024

Originally titled “Spider-Man: Freshman Year,” Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is yet another MCU animated series that will follow Peter Parker “on his way to becoming Spider-Man in the MCU, with a journey unlike we’ve ever seen and a style that celebrates the character’s early comic book roots.” But there’s a twist! Executive producer Jeff Trammel serves as head writer on this prequel show currently in the works at Disney+.

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Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson Captain America in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Captain America: Brave New World

Release Date: February 14, 2025

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier showrunner Malcolm Spellman is co-writing Captain America 4 with another FWS alum, Dalan Musson. Julius Onah (Luce, The Cloverfield Paradox) will direct. This looks like it’s going to be one of the biggest MCU movies in the lead-up to the epoch-ending Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars (more on those in a minute). .

Of course Anthony Mackie will return as Sam Wilson in a new and badass Captain America costume. But here’s where things get really interesting. The villain of the film? That would be The Leader, played by Tim Blake Nelson, last seen in 2008’s Incredible Hulk movie! We’ll also meet Israeli superhero (and mutant!) Sabra, played by Shira Haas. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier alums Carl Lumbly and Danny Ramirez will return as Isaiah Bradley and Joaquin Torres, respectively. Oh, and some guy named Harrison Ford will replace the late William Hurt as General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross.

This is also the movie where we’ll officially be introduced to the MCU’s version of the Thunderbolts.

Marvel Studios' Thunderbolts logo


Release Date: May 2, 2025

Marvel Studios has now officially revealed their plan to introduce the Thunderbolts. Your first question may be “who??” and you’d be right to ask it! Unlike the Avengers, this Marvel Comics gang aren’t a straight-up superhero team, but a crew of villains who pretend to be heroic characters in the public eye. After they’ve gained the trust of the planet, they then use their clout to orchestrate world events in their favor. Jake Schreier will direct and Lee Sung Jin, who recently worked on the Netflix series Beef, is writing.

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Though Thunderbolts might seem like it’s coming out of left field, the MCU has been building to this team-up for quite some time. Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) has been recruiting members for it since Black Widow, and now we have our full MCU Thunderbolts lineup: Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh), Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), John Walker/US Agent (Wyatt Russell), Antonia Dreykov/Taskmaster (Olga Kurlyenko), Red Guardian (David Harbour), and Ghost (Hannah John-Kamen). Lewis Pullman will play Marvel’s Superman homage Sentry, standing in for the departed Steven Yeun, while Geraldine Viswanathan has been cast to replace Ayo Edebiri as an undisclosed character.

Now, in the comics it was none other than Captain America: Civil War villain Baron Zemo (Daniel Bruhl) who led the team. Bruhl hasn’t been noted as officially part of this project…yet, and it seems that Bucky Barnes will be their leader instead.

Fantastic Four Cast

The Fantastic Four

Release Date: July 25, 2025

The MCU Fantastic Four movie is finally happening! And here’s everything we know about it: WandaVision‘s Matt Shakman is directing, taking the place of the MCU Spider-Man trilogy’s Jon Watts, who left the project early on. Virtual unknowns Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer were originally tasked with writing the script, but then Josh Friedman (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) took the reigns, so it looks like this might be a more serious affair than first envisioned.

Despite the John Krasinski cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, neither he nor his real-life wife Emily Blunt will be playing the heads of Marvel’s first family. Instead, Pedro Pascal will play Reed Richards, alongside Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm, Joseph Quinn from Stranger Things as Johnny Storm, and The Bear breakout Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Ben Grimm, aka the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Thing.

Still. We’ve been waiting for Doctor Doom to make his presence known, but the MCU may want to move away from the previous iterations by pitting the team against a different baddie. The cool kids are holding out for Annihilus or Blastaar, but rumors have hinted at Galactus as the big bad, possibly played by Antonio Banderas.

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We wrote more about our hopes for the MCU Fantastic Four movie here.

Marvel Studios Blade Logo


Release Date: November 7, 2025

In 2019, Marvel announced that they would be rebooting the Blade franchise with Mahershala Ali playing the daywalker. Bassam Tariq (Mogul Mowgli) was originally supposed to direct from a screenplay by Stacy Amma Osei-Kuffour, but he stepped off the project just a week before filming was set to commence. Yann Demange (Dead Set, Top Boy) is now directing, and Logan co-writer Michael Green is working on the current version of the script, having taken over from True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto, Emmy-winner Michael Starburry, and others.

Blade has already (well, his voice) popped up at the end of Eternals to have a chat with Dane Whitman (Kit Harington) about wielding the Ebony Blade. We’re hoping this movie has ties to Black Knight, Moon Knight, and perhaps the Werewolf By Night Halloween special. Ali’s True Detective co-star – and former Blade villain – Stephen Dorff is excited to see what he can do with the character, and so are we.

Charlie Cox as Daredevil in Marvel's She-Hulk

Daredevil: Born Again

Release Date: TBD 2025

Matt Murdock returns to the Marvel fold once again in 2024, this time for an 18-episode season on Disney+ that is currently cloaked in mystery. We’ve already seen Matt pop up in Spider-Man: No Way Home and he was absolutely brilliant doing the full Daredevil on She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, but all eyes will be on Charlie Cox as he leads another new solo series as the Man Without Fear in Daredevil: Born Again. Vincent D’Onofrio will of course be back as the thorn in his side, Kingpin, as are Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson, and Jon Bernthal as Karen Page, Foggy Nelson, and the Punisher, respectively. Loki directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead are now spearheading this series after Marvel decided to rethink the project some way into filming.

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Dominique Thorne as Riri Williams (Ironheart) in Marvel's Black Panther: Wakanda Forever


Release Date: TBD 2025

The first series to explore the legacy of Iron Man and Tony Stark in the MCU, Ironheart stars Dominique Thorne as Riri Williams, a teenager at M.I.T. who creates her own suit of armor to right the wrongs of the world. She’s already made her debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and will definitely be a character to keep an eye on as the MCU evolves.

Anthony Ramos (In The Heights) will play Parker Robbins, aka The Hood, as the primary villain of this series. We think The Hood could have a big future in the MCU and explain why here if you know little to nothing about him other than he’s a great card in Marvel Snap. There are also rumors that Mephisto will finally make his MCU debut in this series (yes, really).

Marvel's Avengers: The Kang Dynasty logo

Untitled Avengers Movie

Release Date: May 1, 2026

Kang is dead! Long live… well, we don’t know. Originally, Marvel announced the first of two Avengers movies that close out Phase Six and the Multiverse Saga under the title Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, based on Kurt Busiek’s weird but action-packed 16-part Marvel Comics run from the early 00s, in which Kang successfully takes over the Earth but is eventually defeated by the Avengers. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings director Destin Daniel Cretton was selected to helm the flick.

However, since Jonathan Majors’s off-screen legal issues forced Marvel to drop him from future Marvel projects, it appears that the studio has decided to retool this Avengers movie rather than recast. Marvel has since removed the Kang Dynasty subtitle and Cretton with it, placing Doctor Strange 2 scribe Michael Waldron in the writer position. That leaves a huge mystery about what Avengers 5 will be.

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Marvel's Avengers: Secret Wars logo

Avengers: Secret Wars

Release Date: May 7, 2027

It had long been rumored, and now we know for sure: Avengers: Secret Wars is coming in 2025! However, since there have been a few versions of the Secret Wars saga in Marvel Comics, it’s unclear which story the MCU iteration might follow. It’s entirely possible that it will focus on none of them, of course, but with Fantastic Four kicking off Phase 6 in 2025, we can only imagine the future of the MCU spells “Doom.” Doctor Doom, that is. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for cast and story info on this one as its development unfolds!

Spider-Man and El Muerto

El Muerto

Release Date: Unknown

Rapper Bad Bunny was originally set to play obscure Spider-Man character El Muerto in one of Sony’s ongoing attempts to build a live action Spidey-centric universe of their own. To date, El Muerto has only appeared in two comics, so we’re not sure where they’re going with this one honestly. But hey, they originally landed Jonás Cuarón as director, so something could go right here eventually! However, at the moment the film has been pulled from the release schedule due to Bad Bunny dropping out of the project. It remains in early development, however.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse

Release Date: Unknown

The final (?) part of Sony’s animated Spider-Man trilogy no longer has a release date, but we’re sure it’ll arrive eventually. Look, if they want to make 15 of these, we’ll watch ’em all.

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Zombie Captain America from What If...?

Marvel Zombies

Release Date: Unknown

With Marvel Studios ramping up their new animated division, it came as no surprise to hear that there are now a number of fresh cartoons on their way to Disney+, but fans of What If…?‘s standout zombie episode will be thrilled to learn that there is an entire series of Marvel Zombies shenanigans incoming!

Iron Man and War Machine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Armor Wars

Release Date: Unknown

Don Cheadle will reprise his role as Rhodey and will have the solo spotlight in the War Machine armor in a nightmare scenario for the MCU: what if Tony Stark’s Iron Man technology fell into the wrong hands and was getting duplicated by villains? Based on a classic comics run, Armor Wars promises big action and lots of obscure bad guys. Billed as a sequel to Secret Invasion, this movie will deal with the return of the real Rhodey, who was replaced by a Skrull imposter sometime around Captain America: Civil War. Originally imagined as a Disney+ series and then retooled into a movie, Armor Wars still remains in development, despite initial plans to start filming in 2023.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Trailer Breakdown

Live Action Wakanda Series

Release Date: Unknown

In addition to Eyes of Wakanda, Disney+ will also produce a live-action series set in Wakanda. The series comes from Coogler’s production company Proximity Media, so the director will be involved somehow. But outside of that, we can only hope that we’ll see more of the franchise’s great characters, such as Winston Duke’s M’Baku or Danai Gurira’s Okoye.

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Marvel's Wonder Man and the MCU's Trevor Slattery (played by Ben Kingsley)

Wonder Man

Release Date: Unknown

Andrew Guest (of the delightful Hawkeye) will serve as head writer/showrunner on a series about Simon Williams, the MCU’s resident superhero celebrity. The ever-brilliant Yahya Abdul-Mateen II will play Wonder Man, and Fear the Walking Dead‘s Demetrius Grosse will play his brother Eric aka the Grim Reaper (remember when we thought we’d see him pop up in WandaVision??). Since this is a series about an actor in the MCU, it’s only natural that Ben Kingsley will show up as Trevor Slattery. Ed Harris also reportedly has a mysterious role in this one.

That’s…all we know right now, folks. Sorry! We do have some ideas on what Wonder Man’s arrival could do to the wider MCU, though. Read about it here!

Reports say that Marvel is also working on Shang-Chi 2, a Spider-Man: Sophomore Year animated series, a Nova project, and a second season of X-Men ’97! We’ll keep updating this with new information as it becomes available!

What upcoming MCU projects are YOU most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!