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The Crow reboot on verge of collapse

Simon Brew News Aug 3, 2015

The bankruptcy of Relativity may have struck a fatal blow to the planned reboot of The Crow...

Kevin Bacon on a potential Tremors reunion sequel

Jules-Pierre Malartre News Aug 3, 2015

Kevin Bacon: "This is the only character I've played that I would like to see what happens to that guy, 25 years later".

Channing Tatum finally confirmed for Gambit

Gambit - crowded out by Wolverine in the original X-Men but soon to make his own splash in movies
Simon Brew News Aug 1, 2015

Following rumours he was walking away from the film, Channing Tatum has now signed his Gambit deal...

Humans renewed for series 2

Louisa Mellor News Jul 31, 2015

Channel 4 and AMC have ordered a further eight episodes of sci-fi drama Humans, which concludes in the UK this Sunday...

Zombi out in August for PS4 & Xbox One, trailer launches

Ryan Lambie News Jul 31, 2015

Update: The PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One version of ZombiU (now just Zombi) is out in August...

David Fincher’s HBO Utopia remake hits problems

Rob Leane News Jul 31, 2015

HBO’s Utopia remake and new comedy show Video Synchronicity – both involving David Fincher – have hit some hefty delays…

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 3: Constance Zimmer signs up for villainous role

Rob Leane News Jul 31, 2015

Constance Zimmer will be taking villain duties in the upcoming third season of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.…

Game Of Thrones: series to end after 8 seasons?

Rob Leane News Jul 31, 2015

HBO initially wanted 10 years of Game Of Thrones, but now it looks like it might have trimmed it down to 8 seasons...

Wonder Woman and Justice League shooting dates revealed

Simon Brew News Jul 31, 2015

Gal Gadot will be arriving in London to shoot the Wonder Woman movie later this year...

Ivan Reitman: "There is only one new Ghostbusters movie"

Simon Brew News Jul 31, 2015

That Ghostbusters film with Channing Tatum involved? Ivan Reitman appears to have denied its very existence...