Zack Snyder

The political messages in blockbuster movies

Andrew Blair Feature
Jul 20, 2016

From Forrest Gump and The Incredibles, through to Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and The Muppets - exploring the politics of big films.

Justice League: first footage, team photo

Rob Leane Feature
Jul 23, 2016

The first team picture for Zack Snyder's Justice League movie has landed online...

Justice League: new report suggests it may only be one movie

Simon Brew News
Jun 21, 2016

It seems that, right now, the plan for a two-part Justice League film has been changed...

16 directors redefining the 21st century blockbuster

Sean Wilson Feature
May 26, 2016

Saluting the directors who continue to put in that little bit extra when it comes to modern blockbuster cinema...

Warners brings in new heads of DC movies, after Batman V Superman

Simon Brew News
May 18, 2016

The fallout from Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice sees Warner Bros bringing in Kevin Feige-esque figures to head DC movies.

Justice League: Ben Affleck is now an executive producer

Simon Brew News
May 9, 2016

Ben Affleck gets added to the executive producers list on Justice League - Part 1. In this case, to give support to Zack Snyder...

Batman V Superman: is $860m now a box office flop?

Simon Brew Feature
May 4, 2016

Batman V Superman was expected to do Avengers-style numbers. But does the fact that it won't break a billion make it a modern-day flop?

Justice League – Part 1: Jeremy Irons confirms his return

Simon Brew News
May 3, 2016

Zack Snyder's Justice League – Part 1 will indeed find room for Jeremy Irons' Alfred...

Justice League: Willem Dafoe joins the cast

Simon Brew News
Apr 20, 2016

Zack Snyder adds one-time Spider-Man villain Willem Defoe to the Justice League: Part One cast...

Gritty realism in superhero movies: are we tiring of it?

Ryan Lambie Feature
Apr 12, 2016

In the wake of Batman V Superman, Ryan looks at gritty realism in superhero movies, and wonders what the term really means...