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Doctor Who series 9: Under The Lake review

Simon Brew Review Oct 3, 2015

A base under siege, a Peter Andre reference, and a cracking slice of old-style Doctor Who. It's our spoiler-filled review of Under The Lake.

Red Dwarf, and the movie that never was

Craig Thomas Feature Oct 2, 2015

A Red Dwarf movie was announced in 2000, and news on it would follow for years afterwards. So: what happened?

Xena: Warrior Princess - an episode road map

Andrew Younger Feature Oct 2, 2015

Have you always meant to catch up on Xena: Warrior Princess but don't have the time for 134 episodes? This may help...

Revisiting Star Trek TNG: Night Terrors

James Hunt Review Oct 2, 2015

James' weekly Star Trek: TNG look-backs reach Night Terrors, feat. Deanna Troi in a series of unconvincing dream sequences...

Doctor Who series 9: Before The Flood trailer

Den Of Geek News Oct 3, 2015

Doctor Who series 9: here's the response to the latest episode, Under The Lake...

Doctor Who series 9: geeky spots in Under The Lake

Pete Dillon-Trenchard Feature Oct 3, 2015

Toby Whithouse's Under The lake is packed with references, from a 7th Doctor story through to Star Trek. Here's what we spotted...

Watchmen: HBO considering TV show

Rob Leane News Oct 2, 2015

HBO has met with Zack Snyder about the possibility of bringing Alan Moore's Watchmen comic to the small screen...

Serial: Lord and Miller bringing popular podcast to TV

Rob Leane News Oct 2, 2015

The non-fiction Serial podcast will get the TV treatment with the help of Phil Lord and Chris Miller…

Nickelodeon Splat: 1990s nostalgia channel launching next week

Rob Leane News Oct 2, 2015

For American audiences only, Nickelodeon is launching a new channel – Splat – purely focused on 1990s kids programming…

American Horror Story: Hotel - watch the creepy credits sequence here

Rob Leane News Oct 2, 2015

Prepare to petrified of hotels - the chilling opening credits for American Horror Story: Hotel have landed online...