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How online streaming is changing TV storytelling

Joseph Russell Feature Oct 8, 2015

Binge-watching and no ad-breaks aren't just making TV more convenient, they're changing the ways television's stories are told...

Jessica Jones: fourth teaser trailer, feat. David Tennant

Rob Leane News Oct 8, 2015

Meet David Tennant's evil Purple Man in the latest promo video for Marvel and Netflix's new series, Jessica Jones...

The Big Bang Theory season 9 episode 3 review: The Bachelor Party Corrosion

Caroline Preece Review Oct 8, 2015

The Big Bang Theory's central dynamic has changed in season nine. Will it ever be quite the same show again?

Supernatural season 11 episode 1 review: Out Of The Darkness, Into The Fire

Becky Lea Review Oct 8, 2015

Supernatural arrives, promises to shake things up, then returns to the status quo faster than you can say "Justin Hawkins"...

The Flash season 2 episode 1 review: The Man Who Saved Central City

Caroline Preece Review Oct 8, 2015

The Flash returns to high expectations. Can its second season maintain the fun, action and drama of the first?

Bob’s Burgers: Fox orders season 7 and 8

Rob Leane News Oct 8, 2015

Ahead of season 6, Fox has cemented the future of Bob’s Burgers by ordering season 7 and 8, too…

The Flash season 2: new trailer featuring Jay Garrick's Flash

Rob Leane News Oct 8, 2015

Teddy Sears will play Jay Garrick's version of the scarlet speedster in The Flash season 2. Here's a trailer...

Sherlock Christmas Special: first full trailer

Rob Leane Trailer Oct 8, 2015

See Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman Victorian-style in this first full trailer for the 2015 Christmas Special...

Preacher: it wont be a 100% faithful adaptation, says Seth Rogen

Rob Leane News Oct 8, 2015

Chatting about the Preacher comic book TV show, Seth Rogen has admitted to chopping certain aspects out…

Daredevil season 2: first poster arrives online

Rob Leane News Oct 8, 2015

If you're heading to New York Comic Con, you can pick up one of these snazzy Daredevil season 2 posters...