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Revisiting Buck Rogers In The 25th Century

Andrew Leyland Feature Oct 20, 2014

Andrew time travels 35 years back to revisit the theatrical release of the Buck Rogers In The 25th Century film...

The Walking Dead season 5 episode 2 review: Strangers

Ron Hogan Review Oct 20, 2014

After last week's corker, The Walking Dead feels a little one-note in episode two. Here's Ron's review of Strangers...

24 movies currently being turned into TV shows

Simon Brew Feature Oct 20, 2014

From Big and Uncle Buck to Shutter Island, Marley & Me and Rush Hour, here are 23 films that are getting the TV treatment...

Once Upon A Time season 4 episode 4 review: The Apprentice

Kylie Peters Review Oct 20, 2014

This week's Once Upon A Time goes all Fantasia. Here's Kylie's review of The Apprentice...

The Legend Of Korra season 4 episode 3 review: The Coronation

Kaci Ferrell Review Oct 19, 2014

The Legend Of Korra book four is shaping up to be the show's best ever run. Here's Kaci's review of The Coronation...

Boardwalk Empire season 5 episode 6 review: Devil You Know

Michael Noble Review Oct 19, 2014

Boardwalk Empire offers many opportunities for death and for redemption. Here’s Michael’s review…

Castle season 7 episode 3 review: Clear And Present Danger

Laura Akers Review Oct 19, 2014

After seasons of delayed gratification on the wedding front, Laura wonders whether Castle might not be better off without one...

Doctor Who series 8: everything we know about Missy so far

Andrew Blair Feature Oct 18, 2014

As Doctor Who series 8 draws towards its end, Andrew ticks off everything we've learned about Michelle Gomez's character, Missy, so far.

Doctor Who series 8: Flatline review

Simon Brew Review Oct 18, 2014

Spoilers: we take a look at Doctor Who series 8 episode 9, Flatline. And there's plenty to talk about...

Arrow season 3 episode 2 review: Sara

Caroline Preece Review Oct 17, 2014

A hole is left in the Arrow gang that's sure to have lasting effects this week. Here's Caroline's review of episode 2...