Sega makes staff cuts, cancels games

Aaron Birch News Mar 30, 2012

The hard times are getting harder for games companies, and Sega is the latest to fall to the pressure…

Night Trap: a closer look at one of the most controversial games ever made

Ryan Lambie News Jan 23, 2012

Released for the Mega-CD in 1992, Night Trap quickly became one of the most controversial games ever made. Ryan takes a closer look…

Sonic Generations: first impressions

News Jun 23, 2011

Marking the 20th birthday of Sega's mascot, Sonic Generations is due out later this year. Here's James' hands-on verdict on the first level...

Video snippet shows first glimpse of Aliens: Colonial Marines gameplay

Aliens: Colonial Marines
Ryan Lambie News Jun 8, 2011

Gearbox’s Aliens: Colonial Marines isn’t cancelled after all, and the latest footage from E3 looks very special indeed…

Sonic Colours Nintendo Wii review

Sonic Colours
Ryan Lambie Review Nov 14, 2010

Sega’s hedgehog mascot returns in yet another series entry. Is Sonic Colours the return to form the franchise deserves? Ryan finds out...

Sonic Colours Nintendo Wii hands-on

Ryan Lambie News Sep 23, 2010

Sega’s blue hedgehog gets a Nintendo-exclusive outing with Sonic Colours. Here’s our hands-on impressions of the Wii version…

Hands on with Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 1

Ryan Lambie News Sep 10, 2010

The blue blur is back in a new 2D outing, Sonic The Hedgehog 4. But after so many sub-par series entries, is it finally a return to form for Sega’s mascot? Ryan had a chance to give it a try...

The Ryan Lambie Column: What are Sega’s two forthcoming ‘major’ hardcore games?

Sega logo
Ryan Lambie News Jul 14, 2010

Sega has said it’s about to announce two major new games. But what could they be? Ryan considers the possibilities…

Iron Man 2 Xbox 360 review

James Hunt Review Jun 7, 2010

With Iron Man 2 riding high in cinemas, the inevitable videogame tie-in swoops onto consoles…