M Night Shyamalan

M Night Shyamalan and Joaquin Phoenix reuniting on new project

Simon Brew News Aug 27, 2015

Following Signs and The Village, M Night Shyamalan is recruiting Joaquin Phoenix for his next movie...

Unbreakable 2: "maybe there's an interest right now"

Simon Brew News Jul 7, 2015

M Night Shyamalan admits that Unbreakable 2 may hold some relevance, as Samuel L Jackson says he'd love to do the film.

Jason Blum interview: Paranormal Activity, Amityville & more

Brendon Connelly Interview Jun 24, 2015

Producer Jason Blum chats to us about Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension, and what the future holds after the franchise...

Wayward Pines: 8 reasons you might want to tune in

Louisa Mellor Feature May 14, 2015

New mystery thriller Wayward Pines feat. Matt Dillon arrives today on FOX. Here are a few reasons you might want to watch it...

M Night Shyamalan's new horror thriller due in 2015

News Nov 13, 2014

M Night Shyamalan's next is a low budget horror by the name of The Visit.

M Night Shyamalan has nearly wrapped low-budget thriller

Simon Brew News Mar 24, 2014

While nobody was looking, it seem as though M Night Shyamalan has made a new film...

Bruce Willis and M Night Shyamalan reteaming for new film

Shyamalan and Willis
Simon Brew News Jan 30, 2014

14 years after Unbreakable, Bruce Willis and M Night Shyamalan are set to make a new film together...

M Night Shyamalan on Unbreakable sequel

Glen Chapman News Jun 3, 2013

Unbreakable 2, from M Night Shyamalan, may just be still on the cards, according to the man himself...

M Night Shyamalan interview: After Earth, summer movies

Ryan Lambie Interview Jun 4, 2013

With his latest movie, the sci-fi thriller After Earth, out in the UK this week, we caught up with director M Night Shyamalan for a chat...

After Earth review

Ryan Lambie Review Jun 3, 2013

Director M Night Shyamalan returns with the sci-fi film After Earth, starring Will and Jaden Smith. Here’s Ryan’s review...