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The Last Of Us movie: "there are some big changes"

Simon Brew News Jan 28, 2015

A second draft of The Last Of Us' screenplay is complete, and a table reading has now taken place. But changes may be afoot.

Dragon's Dogma Online announced

Aaron Birch News Jan 28, 2015

Capcom's action-RPG, Dragon's Dogma is going online in Japan, and will be free-to-play...

APB Reloaded hitting consoles this year

Aaron Birch News Jan 23, 2015

The open world cops and robbers MMO is coming to console later in the year...

Microsoft's Hololens teases possible Minecraft VR future

Ryan Lambie News Jan 22, 2015

As Microsoft formally unveils its VR headset, Hololens, it provides a glimpse of what an augmented-reality Minecraft could look like...

The Elder Scrolls Online drops subscription

Aaron Birch News Jan 22, 2015

Along with a console release date, Bethesda has announced that The Elder Scrolls Online will no longer need a subscription fee...

Club Nintendo to close, Stars expire in September

Ryan Lambie News Jan 20, 2015

Nintendo is to close its loyalty scheme. Club Nintendo members have until September to spend their Stars...

Arrow's Stephen Amell stars in LEGO Batman 3 DLC trailer

Rob Leane News Jan 20, 2015

Stephen Amell gets 'green, pointy and arrowy' in new teaser for LEGO Batman 3's Arrow downloadable content...

Battlefleet Gothic videogame adaptation announced

Ryan Lambie News Jan 19, 2015

Games Workshop's tabletop wargame Battlefleet Gothic is to become an RTS. Here are the first screenshots...

Rare NES game sells for over $35,000 on eBay

Ryan Lambie News Jan 16, 2015

A sealed copy of NES exercise game Stadium Events has sold on eBay for an eye-watering - and potentially record-breaking - $35,100...

Parks And Recreation board game hits Kickstarter

Ryan Lambie News Jan 16, 2015

A new Kickstarter campaign aims to bring The Cones Of Dunshire, the board game created by Parks And Recreation's Ben Wyatt, to the masses...