The top 30 must-see movies of 2016

Simon Brew Ryan Lambie Odd List
Nov 25, 2015

Suicide Squad? Rogue One? Captain America: Civil War? Deadpool? Join us as we look forward to 2016's must-see movies...

Deadpool: Ryan Reynolds on that R-rating, the competition

Simon Brew News
Oct 9, 2015

"Deadpool's greatest superpower is annoying the [cough] out of people", declares Ryan Reynolds, ahead of 2016's superhero tussle.

X-Men, Deadpool and Gambit could all cross over

Simon Brew News
Sep 16, 2015

Simon Kinberg teases the possibility that Fox's X-Men films and spin-offs may all "cross-pollinate".

Deadpool 2 already being considered

Simon Brew News
Sep 15, 2015

Simon Kinberg wants a sequel to Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds, worked out before the first film is released next February.

Deadpool: latest image released

Simon Brew News
Sep 11, 2015

Ryan Reynolds releases a new picture of Deadpool. Reading a Judy Blume book...

Deadpool: what did we learn from the first trailer?

James Hunt Feature
Aug 6, 2015

We've had our best look yet at Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in the first trailer for the movie. Here's what we learned...

Deadpool: the first trailer

Simon Brew Trailer
Aug 5, 2015

Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool, and we've finally got the first trailer from the movie. Take a look right here...

Deadpool: new pictures land, trailer due soon

Simon Brew News
Jul 29, 2015

The first trailer for Deadpool is set to be released in the next week or two - and here are three more images from the film.

Gambit: filming set to start October, $150m budget

Simon Brew News
Jul 27, 2015

Gambit's going to be shooting from October to December, with Channing Tatum leading the $154,975,309 movie...

Fantastic Four & X-Men, Batman V Superman & Suicide Squad joint cast photos

Simon Brew News
Jul 16, 2015

The casts of DC's and Fox's upcoming comic book movies come together for a big picture together...