Captain Marvel

The James Clayton Column: Questions for the Marvel Cinematic Universe's future

James Clayton Feature Mar 21, 2014

As Captain America: The Winter Soldier arrives, James considers the future phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe...

Avengers: Age Of Ultron news round-up

Simon Brew News Mar 18, 2014

James Spader's Ultron, some help for Tony Stark, and a slight hint of Captain Marvel in our round-up of the latest The Avengers 2 news...

Kevin Feige admits Captain Marvel movie a possibility

Simon Brew News Mar 17, 2014

Will Captain Marvel be Marvel's first female-led comic book movie? Possibly...

The ladies of Avengers comics

Jennie Whitwood News May 3, 2012

Black Widow made a strong impression in The Avengers, but Jennie argues that a sequel has plenty more female leads to draw on...

Carol Danvers: Just another Captain Marvel?

Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Ms Marvel Wondercon July 2012
CJ Wheeler News Mar 22, 2012

Marvel have announced a new ongoing series granting Ms. Marvel the rank of Captain. CJ and Jennie wonder if this decision has the character at heart...

DC commits to new Shazam, says goodbye to Captain Marvel

Shazam Justice League #7 DC New 52 Pandora
CJ Wheeler News Mar 5, 2012

Is renaming Captain Marvel a sound marketing decision for DC Comics? CJ meets the new Shazam...

10 suggestions for Marvel’s move to television

Robert Mclaughlin Odd List Jul 16, 2010

With Marvel about to introduce some of its heroes to the small screen, here are our suggestions for the comics it should tackle first...