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Joe review

Andrew Blair Review Jul 22, 2014

Nicolas Cage is back on form again in David Gordon Green's new film, Joe. Here's Andrew's review...

What does 'back to basics' mean for Doctor Who?

Andrew Blair Feature Jul 18, 2014

Andrew examines what it really means for Capaldi era Doctor Who to be described as going 'back to basics'...

Doctor Who series 8 trailer breakdown

Andrew Blair Feature Jul 14, 2014

Andrew finds out what the latest Doctor Who trailer feat. monsters, Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman tells us about series 8...

EIFF 2014: In Order Of Disappearance review

Andrew Blair Review Jul 14, 2014

Blood, snow, and shades of grey, this Nordic thriller made quite the impression on Andrew...

EIFF 2014: Life After Beth review

Andrew Blair Review Jul 11, 2014

A brilliant cast and a new take on zombies raise this indie comedy-horror above the rest. Here's Andrew's review...

EIFF 2014: The Infinite Man review

Andrew Blair Review Jul 1, 2014

What if your clingy ex could time-travel? The Infinite Man is a sci-fi rom-com with a dark edge...

EIFF 2014: Coherence review

Andrew Blair Review Jun 30, 2014

Andrew checks out character-based science-fiction movie Coherence and finds it full of existential horror...

EIFF 2014: Honeymoon review

Andrew Blair Review Jun 30, 2014

A slow-burn indie horror that'll give you nightmares, Andrew checks out Honeymoon...

EIFF 2014: Set Fire To The Stars review

Andrew Blair Review Jun 25, 2014

Andrew finds lots to like in this thoughtful movie about Dylan Thomas

EIFF 2014: Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy? review

Andrew Blair Review Jun 25, 2014

Like Michel Gondry? Or Noam Chomsky? If you like both, this'll be a real treat...

EIFF 2014: Castles In The Sky review

Andrew Blair Review Jun 24, 2014

Eddie Izzard stars in Castles In The Sky, a film about the invention of radar. Here's our review...

EIFF: Doc Of The Dead review

Andrew Blair Review Jun 24, 2014

Doc Of The Dead, a documentary about zombies, has its moments, but doesn't dig deep enough, reckons Andrew...

EIFF 2014: The Skeleton Twins review

Andrew Blair Review Jun 23, 2014

Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader take centre stage for The Skeleton Twins, a dark, funny comedy with plenty going for it...

A Most Wanted Man review

Andrew Blair Review Jun 23, 2014

Andrew checks out Philip Seymour Hoffman's final film, A Most Wanted Man, at the Edinburgh International Film Festival...

10 of the finest Sean Bean screen roles

Andrew Blair Top 10 May 30, 2014

Andrew counts down some of the best roles of Sean Bean's career, from the ones you'll know to the ones you probably won't...

Star Wars: movie magic versus tempered expectations

Andrew Blair Feature May 21, 2014

The Good Vs Evil template has served storytelling well. But is it the right way forward for the new Star Wars movies?

Touchy Feely review

Andrew Blair Review May 16, 2014

A likeable cast and competent director can't quite make this story about sad people being sad any more entertaining...

Chris Claremont’s X-Men review

Andrew Blair Review May 14, 2014

Want to find out more about the origins of the X-Men? This new documentary goes straight to the horse's mouth...

Wonder Women! The Untold Story Of America's Superheroines review

Andrew Blair Review May 9, 2014

A new documentary about the real life superheroines fighting for positive role models for girls. Here's our review...

Some thoughts on the Star Wars: Episode VII casting

Star Wars
Andrew Blair Feature Apr 30, 2014

We take a look at the announced cast for JJ Abrams' Star Wars: Episode VII, at who's not there, and what it all means...