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How faithful should book and comic adaptations be?

Andrew Blair Feature Apr 11, 2014

Do films need to change things from the material they're adapted from - and is always that a bad thing, anyway?

Whims, cuddly Kaiju toys and amigurumi

Andrew Blair Feature Apr 8, 2014

What happens when we ask the world to make us a cuddly Kaiju? Patrick Dougan of Suddenly Monsters obliges, that's what

Doctor Who: A Handful of Stardust review

Andrew Blair Review Apr 3, 2014

Could A Handful of Stardust be the best of the Time Trips ebooks to date? Here's Andrew's review...

Mystery DVD Club: Shark Zone

Andrew Blair Feature Mar 6, 2014

Shark Zone: lazy filmmaking or a profound statement about the nature of mankind? Andrew investigates...

Casting the Fantastic Four – he who casts the first Storm

Andrew Blair Feature Feb 21, 2014

Casting announcements for superhero movies always cause a lot of uproar, but maybe we should wait for the film itself...

Doctor Who: Keeping Up With The Joneses review

Andrew Blair Review Feb 10, 2014

Andrew takes a look at the third of the Doctor Who Time Trips series, Nick Harkaway's Keeping Up With The Joneses...

James McAvoy interview: Filth, Frankenstein and more

Andrew Blair Interview Feb 3, 2014

With the squalid comedy drama Filth due out on disc, we chat to star James McAvoy about unpleasant characters, Frankenstein and more...

Doctor Who: the Doctor's morality

Andrew Blair Feature Jan 22, 2014

Is the Doctor really "never cruel or cowardly"? Andrew ponders the Time Lord's morality...

10 movies Hollywood shouldn't remake but probably will

Andrew Blair Top 10 Jan 20, 2014

Is nothing sacred? Not in Hollywood it isn't. Here's Andrew's list of 10 movies that shouldn't be remade but probably will be soon...

Doctor Who: Into The Nowhere review

Andrew Blair Review Jan 17, 2014

Andrew checks out the second Time Trips Doctor Who story, Jenny Colgan's Into The Nowhere...

In praise of Lord Of The Rings' DVD extras

Andrew Blair Feature Jan 15, 2014

The extras on The Lord Of The Rings DVDs provide a look into the scale of the films' production. Andrew salutes the Appendices' detail...

Doctor Who: the unanswered questions of the Matt Smith era

Matt Smith
Andrew Blair Feature Jan 10, 2014

The Time Of The Doctor answered so many of our questions, but Andrew ponders the Matt Smith-era answers we're yet to hear...

Sherlock, shark-jumping, and the casual viewer

Andrew Blair Feature Jan 7, 2014

Alienating viewers, water-skiing over sea predators... Andrew sifts through some of the criticism aimed at Sherlock's third series

Top 10 films of 2013: Pacific Rim

Andrew Blair Feature Dec 23, 2013

At number 6 in our countdown of our favourite films of the year, it's Guillermo del Toro's monster smash...

50 years of Doctor Who in 50 screengrabs

Andrew Blair Review Dec 23, 2013

As its fiftieth anniversary year draws to a close, Andrew serves up a visual guide to Doctor Who, told in 50 screengrabs...

Revisiting BBC Radio 4's The Hobbit

Andrew Blair Review Dec 13, 2013

As Peter Jackson's second Hobbit film is released in cinemas, Andrew looks back on the 1968 BBC Radio 4 adaptation...

Doctor Who: The Death Pit review

Andrew Blair Review Dec 9, 2013

A new series of Doctor Who ebooks kicks off with A.L. Kennedy's The Death Pit.

Colm Meaney interview: Alan Partridge, action movies

Andrew Blair Interview Nov 28, 2013

The mighty Colm Meaney talks to us about Alan Partridge, a little bit of Con Air, and The Statham...

Our favourite things about The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot

Andrew Blair Feature Nov 27, 2013

Here are our favourite moments from Peter Davison and co.'s tremendous gift to Who fans, The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot...

The Day Of The Doctor: who is the Curator?

Andrew Blair Feature Nov 25, 2013

Spoilers ahead for anyone who hasn't yet seen The Day Of The Doctor, as Andrew ponders the identity of one character in particular...