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In Order Of Disappearance: Hans Petter Moland interview

Andrew Blair Interview Sep 18, 2014

We talk to Hans Petter Moland, the director of the best film at this year's Edinburgh Festival, In Order Of Disappearance...

Stellan Skarsgard interview: In Order Of Disappearance, Thor

Andrew Blair Interview Sep 8, 2014

Andrew chats to the always brilliant Stellan Skarsgard about his new collaboration with Hans Petter Moland.

Showrunners review

Andrew Blair Review Sep 8, 2014

How much do you know about the people who make your favourite telly shows? Showrunners will teach you more than you ever wanted to know.

Doctor Who: the Doctor's most callous moments

Andrew Blair Feature Sep 4, 2014

From The Visitation to Into The Dalek, here's a potted history of the Doctor at his least compassionate and most callous...

Doctor Who: Deep Breath's references and callbacks

Andrew Blair Feature Aug 27, 2014

We spotted a few fun nods to previous episodes in Doctor Who's series 8 opener. And here they are...

What Doctor Who series 8 can learn from Earthshock

Andrew Blair Feature Aug 21, 2014

On the eve of Doctor Who's new series, Andrew considers what lessons it could learn from classic Fifth Doctor story Earthshock...

Calvary Blu-ray review

Andrew Blair Review Aug 15, 2014

Andrew checks out John Michael McDonagh's Calvary, as it arrives on Blu-ray...

What Who series 8 can learn from Remembrance Of The Daleks

Andrew Blair Feature Aug 11, 2014

Andrew traces the influence of a classic Seventh Doctor serial on today's Doctor Who, and looks at what series 8 can learn from it...

Doctor Who: what series 8 can learn from The Ark In Space

Andrew Blair Feature Jul 31, 2014

Andrew argues that Doctor Who series 8 could do worse than look to Hinchcliffe/Holmes story The Ark in Space for inspiration...

Joe review

Andrew Blair Review Jul 22, 2014

Nicolas Cage is back on form again in David Gordon Green's new film, Joe. Here's Andrew's review...

What does 'back to basics' mean for Doctor Who?

Andrew Blair Feature Jul 18, 2014

Andrew examines what it really means for Capaldi era Doctor Who to be described as going 'back to basics'...

Doctor Who series 8 trailer breakdown

Andrew Blair Feature Jul 14, 2014

Andrew finds out what the latest Doctor Who trailer feat. monsters, Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman tells us about series 8...

EIFF 2014: In Order Of Disappearance review

Andrew Blair Review Jul 14, 2014

Blood, snow, and shades of grey, this Nordic thriller made quite the impression on Andrew...

EIFF 2014: Life After Beth review

Andrew Blair Review Jul 11, 2014

A brilliant cast and a new take on zombies raise this indie comedy-horror above the rest. Here's Andrew's review...

EIFF 2014: The Infinite Man review

Andrew Blair Review Jul 1, 2014

What if your clingy ex could time-travel? The Infinite Man is a sci-fi rom-com with a dark edge...

EIFF 2014: Coherence review

Andrew Blair Review Jun 30, 2014

Andrew checks out character-based science-fiction movie Coherence and finds it full of existential horror...

EIFF 2014: Honeymoon review

Andrew Blair Review Jun 30, 2014

A slow-burn indie horror that'll give you nightmares, Andrew checks out Honeymoon...

EIFF 2014: Set Fire To The Stars review

Andrew Blair Review Jun 25, 2014

Andrew finds lots to like in this thoughtful movie about Dylan Thomas

EIFF 2014: Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy? review

Andrew Blair Review Jun 25, 2014

Like Michel Gondry? Or Noam Chomsky? If you like both, this'll be a real treat...

EIFF 2014: Castles In The Sky review

Andrew Blair Review Jun 24, 2014

Eddie Izzard stars in Castles In The Sky, a film about the invention of radar. Here's our review...