Top 10 sexiest men of Doctor Who

Sex appeal in the TARDIS is not just confined to the female of the species...

Some of the male hotties from Who...

While the sex appeal of Doctor Who is usually focused on the young female companions, over the years, a few men have quietly been working their own magic in the Time Lord’s barmy old universe. Here is a list of the top ten most noticeably sexy men to feature in the series.

10: Jamie McCrimmon (Companion)

“The hairy-legged Highlander” was the longest serving companion of the Second Doctor. With a sexy Scottish brogue and very little upstairs, he regularly faced the dangers of the universe in his kilt. Now that’s brave. Being a true Scotsman, I doubt he would have worn much underneath, so the prospect of facing Ice Warriors and giant crabs with nothing but your sporran to protect you takes a certain kind of manly guts. Everyone goes on about Zoe’s spangly catsuit, but Jamie has his lovely legs on display in every story. And he wasn’t bad looking, either. The most endearing part, though, was that he never really capitalised on his assets and failed to pull Peri at the end of The Two Doctors.

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9: Ben Jackson (Companion)

One of the greatest tragedies of Doctor Who is that so many episodes are missing. Besides The Tenth Planet and others being wished into existence, it would be rather nice to see Ben shirtless in The Macra Terror. A salt-of-the-earth sailor, we first meet him feeling down on his luck, shortly before becoming embroiled in the Doctor’s world, thanks in part to Polly. Once he gets to the sinister holiday camp secretly run by the Macra, however, he wastes no time in taking off his clothes for a massage. This little gem from the early days who accidentally stumbled aboard the TARDIS proves a valid point – you never know when totty will show up. Goin’ my way sailor?

8: Howard Foster (Planet of Fire)

It’s getting towards the end of the Fifth Doctor’s days. Tegan has gone and Turlough will soon be bidding farewell too. Enter new companion Peri in Planet of Fire, complete with shots of her in a bikini as luxurious as those of the surrounding vistas. And then there’s her step-dad, Howard. His big, hairy manly pecs stick out like a sore thumb. Bare-chested men are a rarity in Doctor Who, so when one shows up you have to ask why they’re there… not that I was complaining. Shame that Peri’s subsequent murmuring in her sleep implies a darker side to the character, but he deserves a mention for seeming so brazen next to the Doctor’s hat-and-loose-shirt-Englishman-abroad look.

7: Elton Pope (Love & Monsters)

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Ah, Elton. Dear Elton. Inept and geeky and constantly searching for the seemingly unobtainable, the focus of his obsession. He has a crap job and spends his free time at his computer seeking out obscure blogs holding details of his favourite subject. He’s a testament to the mediocrity of real life. And yet… he’s loveable and we empathise with him. He tries his best in most situations and only achieves his goals (sort of) by accident.

Ingratiating himself with Jackie Tyler on the orders of Victor Kennedy, he begins to like her, and that is his downfall. He’s so clumsy and so nice, it’s impossible for him to be successful at espionage. He’s just a nice guy. And if you can get him away from that paving slab, he’d make an excellent boyfriend. Just don’t expect him to do much with his life, that’s all. Nice arse, though.

6: Jondar (Vengeance on Varos)

On the world of Varos, the viewing public are glued to their screens for the latest instalment of humiliating torture. It’s a sadistic society where only votes can save lives. A good many years before Big Brother, we got Jason Connery’s Jondar – the latest would-be victim of the deadly games. Handsome, muscular, sweating and chained to a wall, he tries to dodge the lethal beams as best he can… only to get back to his painfully wet girlfriend. Ah well, you can’t have everything.

5: Vislor Turlough (Companion)

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There’s definitely a market for the bad boys, and Turlough slots into the category like a snake slipping in a snood. Conniving, double-crossing and sneaky, you could never trust him completely. He’ll always be out for his own ends. Even after he stops trying to kill the Doctor, you could bet he would reverse the decision should a better offer come along. But then… he is rather handsome. And when he is on your side, you can count on him. Like a duplicitous boyfriend, he’s so bad he’s good. And he doesn’t look half bad in a pair of trunks, either.

4: William Shakespeare (The Shakespeare Code)

Who knew the Bard could be so bawdy? Once he claps eyes on Martha, we suddenly get the idea behind, “Hey, nonny, nonny!” A clever, talented and popular man, with an eye for the ladies and an open shirt exposing a hairy chest, he could well have been the Tom Jones of his time were it not for the implication he swings both ways. This is a man in his prime, without boundaries. And there’s nothing sexier. It’s just a shame his bad breath stops him from pulling Martha.

3: Milo (Gridlock)

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What is it with Martha Jones? Not only does she get to flirt with the greatest writer of all time, but a sexy stranger sweeps her off her feet in the following story. OK, so she’s kidnapped rather than swept, and Milo has a pregnant girlfriend, but you can’t be picky in this life. Had Martha really spent ten years going nowhere fast in the enclosed motorway, I can think of worse company. Easy on the eye and actually quite nice, Milo gets my vote as designated driver. Ahem.

2: Steven Taylor (Companion)

Steven Taylor, space pilot, was being tall, dark and dashing aboard the TARDIS while Captain Jack was still soiling his nappies on the Boeshane Peninsula. A stunning young man with the vigour of youth, we first meet him sporting a fetching beard as prisoner of the Mechanoids. Now clean shaven, he proves very handy in seeing off the Meddling Monk and strikes up wonderful chemistry with Vicki. Throughout his time with the Doctor, few things phase him, and if they do, he’ll have a bloody good go anyway. Gung-ho, logical and caring, he’s a man you could take home to meet your parents. Vastly underrated.

1: Captain Jack Harkness (Companion)

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Where does one begin with Jack that hasn’t been said before? He’s the Steven Taylor of our times. Make that Steven Taylor with a voracious sexual appetite and thirst for danger. When we first meet him, he’s a con man wooing Rose into submission. Then gradually, beneath the flirting and penchant for guns, we see a man who would gladly die for those he loves and respects – Rose, the Doctor and Gwen. “Avante-garde” in the bedroom, tremendously loyal with drop-dead-gorgeous looks, Captain Jack is easily number one. As long as you’re not the jealous type, that is…