Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman’s Interworld being adapted into a TV series

Elizabeth Rayne News
Jul 21, 2016

The parallel universes Gaiman and Michael Reeves’ YA sci-fi-slash-fantasy novel are coming to your living room.

Neil Gaiman's Likely Stories: strange, wonderful, unmissable TV

Aliya Whiteley Feature
May 26, 2016

We take a spoiler-free look at Sky Arts' terrific quartet of Neil Gaiman short stories, starting on Thursday the 26th at 9pm...

Good Omens: Neil Gaiman to adapt as television miniseries

Joseph Baxter News
Apr 18, 2016

Neil Gaiman will work on a television adaptation of Good Omens, the popular apocalyptic novel he co-wrote with Terry Pratchett...

Sandman: Neil Gaiman on Joseph Gordon-Levitt quitting film

Simon Brew News
Mar 7, 2016

As Joseph Gordon-Levitt quits the mooted Sandman film, Neil Gaiman shares his thoughts over Twitter...

American Gods: full trailer lands online

Louisa Mellor Rob Leane News
Jul 23, 2016

Witness the impressive debut trailer for American Gods, Starz' adaptation of Neil Gaiman's novel...

Lucifer episode 2 review: Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil

Dan Cooper Review
Feb 3, 2016

Lucifer is wasting a strong lead and plenty of potential by falling back on tired crime drama conventions...

Lucifer episode 1 review: Pilot

Dan Cooper Review
Jan 25, 2016

Lucifer's pilot lacks ambition, despite an eye-catching premise, a strong lead, and some Neil Gaiman-penned comic book origins...

Gormenghast: Neil Gaiman reveals movie talks

Simon Brew News
Dec 10, 2015

Plans are afoot to bring Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast novels to the movies - and Neil Gaiman is involved...

Celebrating the dogs of speculative fiction

Aliya Whiteley Feature
Dec 9, 2015

From Toto to Barnabas, Fluffy to Pongo, Manchee and more, we salute the literary dogs who left an enduring mark on speculative fiction...