Samuel L Jackson

Kingsman 2 is "a far more international story"

Simon Brew News
Jan 28, 2016

Taron Egerton also teases that the villain in Kingsman 2 is so good, "I wish I could play it"...

xXx 3 starts filming this month, Jet Li now confirmed

Simon Brew News
Jan 20, 2016

Jet Li will join Vin Diesel and Samuel L Jackson in the xXx 3 cast...

The underrated film acting performances of 2015

Mark Harrison Feature
Jan 4, 2016

Rosario Dawson, Hugh Jackman and Blake Lively lead our look at 2015's best under the radar acting performances in film...

How do make-up artists create sweat in the movies?

Simon Brew Feature
Oct 13, 2015

A glistening Sylvester Stallone. A sweating Robert De Niro. Vaseline. That's a trick to making sweat on film look, well, sweaty...

Unbreakable 2: "maybe there's an interest right now"

Simon Brew News
Jul 7, 2015

M Night Shyamalan admits that Unbreakable 2 may hold some relevance, as Samuel L Jackson says he'd love to do the film.

Captain America: Civil War news latest

Simon Brew News
Jun 4, 2015

Samuel L Jackson admits his surprise that he's not in Captain America 3. Plus, who is Martin Freeman likely to play in the film?

Samuel L Jackson joins Simon West's remake of The Blob

Ryan Lambie News
May 14, 2015

As a new remake of 50s monster flick The Blob moves ahead, reports are circulating that Samuel L Jackson is to star...

Big Game review

Ryan Lambie Review
Apr 30, 2015

Samuel L Jackson leads a batty comedy thriller from the director of Rare Exports. Here's Ryan's review of Big Game...

Viggo Mortensen on his The Hateful Eight regret

Simon Brew News
Mar 23, 2015

Promotional work on other movies led to Viggo Mortensen turning Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight down...

Samuel L Jackson on what Marvel has that DC doesn't

Simon Brew News
Feb 20, 2015

Nick Fury has spoken: and Marvel is doing a much better job than DC at the movies...