Power Rangers

Shuki Levy: the soundtrack to a generation

Adrian Mackinder Feature Oct 5, 2015

We celebrate the man behind the themes to He-Man, M.A.S.K., Mysterious Cities Of Gold and Ulysses 31...

Top 50 90s kids' TV themes

Andrew Blair Feature Jun 19, 2015

It's time for... Animaniacs, Playdays and Round The Twist - We double dare you to not sing along with these...

Whatever happened to the original Power Rangers?

James Hunt Feature Jun 11, 2015

Where did the Power Rangers go go to? Let's find out...

Power Rangers film to be "playful" and "very grounded"

Simon Brew News Jun 8, 2015

Dean Isrealite, the director of the 2017 Power Rangers movie reboot, has been chatting about the film...

Power Rangers reboot: Pink Ranger now cast

Simon Brew News Oct 7, 2015

Naomi Scott has landed the role of Kimberley in the Power Rangers reboot...

Power Rangers reboot landing Project Almanac director

Simon Brew News Apr 13, 2015

The Power Rangers head back to the big screen in July 2016 - and Dean Israelite is the frontrunner to direct...

This gritty Power Rangers reboot is insane

Mike Cecchini News Feb 25, 2015

Power/Rangers is a crazy fan film that shows the team as grown-ups in a hard sci-fi setting. Watch it here...

Power Rangers: new movie will shoot this year

Simon Brew News Jan 20, 2015

The new take on the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers looks still on course for a summer 2016 release.

When Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles met Power Rangers

Wil Jones Feature Nov 24, 2014

Wil revisits a 90s live-action superhero crossover that's er, not exactly a classic of the genre: TMNT meet the Power Rangers...

Roberto Orci quits Power Rangers movie

Simon Brew News Sep 22, 2014

Commitments to Star Trek 13 mean that Roberto Orci is no longer involved in the Power Rangers movie reboot...