The Power Rangers Episodes That Will Make You a Fan

Wanted to check out Power Rangers but haven’t had the chance? Here are the episodes to get you started.

So you’ve heard of Power Rangers. Maybe remember watching it as a kid. But recently you’ve noticed, “hey, wait a minute. This show is still on… How???” Well after over 900 episodes Power Rangers has attracted a huge fanbase. Across the 25 plus seasons there have been episodes that stood out from the rest. Episodes that sparked the imagination and turned viewers from casual watchers into hardcore fans.

Of course you might be a little busy to watch over 900 episodes to find those gems, so here’s a sampling to get you started. 

It should be noted this is not a “best episodes” list nor is it an “essential viewing guide.” This is just a smattering of episodes that can show you what Power Rangers is, what it can be, and gave you some idea whether you want to dive deeper. Thus we’ve mostly stayed away from the big team-up episodes (like “Forever Red”) since those are more meant for hardcore fans who’ve been watching the show for longer periods of time.

(Note: This episode does contain some spoilers for these individual seasons and of course watching the episodes out of their intended running order will lessen their impact somewhat. But hey, if you like them? Go watch the rest of their seasons!)

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Origins/First Episodes:

“Day of the Dumpster” Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Season 1 – Episode 1)

Where else to begin but the very first episode? With only twenty minutes this episode not only sets up everything you need to know about Power Rangers (teenagers with attitude, morphing, giant monsters, etc.), but it also introduces us to the five characters that would become the most iconic in the entire franchise. This one speaks for itself.

“From out of Nowhere Parts 1 and 2” Power Rangers In Space (Episode 1 and 2)

After the Command Center destroying events of Power Rangers Turbo, the remaining Rangers flee into space and meet up with an unlikely new leader, Andros. This was a big shift in Power Rangers, the series heading into the realm of science fiction. If you’re a fan of Star Trek or Star Wars, this premiere will be right up your alley.

“Quasar Quest Parts 1 and 2” Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (Episode 1 and 2)

This is Power Rangers at a theatrical level. A space colony! Explosions on the moon! Jungle planet! Swords in the stone! Only in the world of Power Rangers can you have that kind of combination. Still in the same sci-fi vein as In Space, Lost Galaxy adds new fantasy elements into the series with the mythical Quasar Sabers. Genre mash ups like you’ve never seen before!

“Force from the Future Parts 1 and 2” Power Rangers Time Force (Episode 1 and 2)

Starting off in the year 3000, a group of Rangers travel back to the past to stop an evil mutant from taking over present time. With the addition of a modern day civilian and some Matrix moves, Time Force starts off strong. This premiere also features a marriage proposal between two of the Rangers! Time travel+love+Matrix=Put these episodes in your life. It’s like the premiere of an old syndicated series from the ’90s with way more spandex.

“Day of the Dino Parts 1 and 2” Power Rangers Dino Thunder (Episode 1 and 2)

A send up of the MMPR days of old, this premiere has a new set of teenagers with a very familiar looking mentor. That’s right, Tommy is back and he roundhouse kicks a T-Rex in the face. If all you remember of Power Rangers is Mighty Morphin, this is a great place to see the series updated for a new generation featuring characters with more depth than ever before. Plus early 2000s fashion if you’re into that!

“Beginnings Parts 1 and 2” Power Rangers S.P.D. (Episode 1 and 2)

Under the helm of Hollywood veteran Greg Aronowitz, SPD not only utilizes science fiction once again but goes at in full force with a planet full of aliens and a police academy headed by an alien dog man. While that sounds silly, “Beginnings” plays it straight and opens up a whole new corner of the Power Rangers universe. With some of the best acting the show has seen in years, this is one of the best premieres for a reason.

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“The Road To Corinth” Power Rangers RPM (Episode 1)

Power Rangers goes post-apocalyptic. No seriously, the first few minutes are the world being destroyed and the last remnants of humanity fleeing into the city of Corinth. Not exactly the first thing you think of when Power Rangers comes up in conversation, is it?

We follow Dillon, a loner living in the outlands trying to find Corinth where he meets up with comic relief, Ziggy. The two travel to Corinth together and the way they make into the city… Well I won’t spoil it. If you’re looking for something unlike any Power Rangers you’ve seen before, this one will surprise you.

All The Feels/Character Pieces:

“Missing Green” MMPR (Season 2 – Episode 14)

Early Power Rangers was not exactly well known for its three dimensional writing, but “Missing Green” is a surprising look into the guilt Jason has over Tommy losing his powers. Add that to the possibility of his friends suffering the same fate? You’ve got one powerhouse of a story.

“Rangers in the Outfield” Power Rangers Zeo (Episode 6)

A lot of kid’s entertainment is pretty bad with how it treats women. Power Rangers is certainly no exception but sometimes it hits it out of the park. When Tanya’s boyfriend sees her incredible skill on the baseball field he treats her like dirt. Tanya does not take it.

“Instrument of Destruction” Power Rangers Zeo (Episode 12)

Bulk and Skull are the comic relief of early Power Rangers, so to see one of its most emotional episodes centered on them seems like it could be a recipe for disaster. However, Power Rangers has a strange tendency to make you feel things for characters you wouldn’t expect. I won’t spoil anything about this one, but the end will leave you misty-eyed.

“A Ranger Among Thieves” Power Rangers In Space (Episode 7)

Power Rangers doesn’t shy away from moral lessons, it being a show for kids, but this one takes another angle. Andros, an alien, doesn’t quite understand human customs and is tricked into stealing by a group of thieves. It’s a solid “one and done” story that adds a neat little layer to our main character.

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“The Wasp With a Heart” Power Rangers In Space (Episode 10)

What’s it like to just be a monster of the day? One who doesn’t want to fight… but the Rangers don’t know that. This episode shows how PR can mix a solid “moral” story while addressing lingering questions like “How do the Rangers know all these monsters are actually evil?”

“Always a Chance” Power Rangers In Space (Episode 25)

What happens after you leave the life of being a Power Ranger? We get the answer in this gripping half hour centered on former Black Ranger Adam. The simple answer? He misses it. He misses being able to help people and make a difference. Power Rangers has a long history of team ups but sometimes they’re more about the flash and spectacle and less about the quiet moments. This one is better for focusing on one character and seeing how he’s changed in the year since he left the series.

“Five of a Kind” Power Rangers In Space (Episode 34)

Well, the main feeling you’ll get from this, “okay, that was kind of awesome.” But dang it, that’s a feeling!

What do you do when you’re faced with an enemy that can predict your every move? Not only do you get a team of evil Rangers in this episode but also the best plan any Ranger in the show’s history has come up with. TJ is the greatest for a reason.

“Trial By Fire” Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (Episode 3)

Hands down one of the best Power Rangers episodes ever, it takes the shows usual moral message and gives it real world significance. Instead of learning to be a better friend or treating others nicely, Carter learns that just because he’s a Ranger doesn’t mean he can always rush in blindly. He has to face the consequences of his choices and in this episode it involves a child getting badly hurt. Sean Cw Johnson as Carter gives a powerful performance here, one that makes it easy to see why he’s a fan favorite Red Ranger.

“Trip Takes a Stand” Power Rangers Time Force (Episode 19)

This episode, much like “Wasp With a Heart,” is ostensibly about speciesism. The Rangers fight monsters without questioning it. Here though the monster only wanted some food to eat. Thankfully the Rangers do have an alien on their own team, Trip, who takes a stand and gives a speech about tolerance that wouldn’t be out of place on an Aaron Sorkin show.

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“Never Give Up!” Power Rangers Wild Force (Episode 4)

Friendship. When you’re fighting an endless horde of monsters, all you’ve got is your friends. This episode showcases one of the strongest bonds in PR history, that of Danny and Max. Max, eternally not wanting to be seen as a kid, tries to prove his worth while his best friend, Danny, is distracted by a girl. It’s a simple story but if you’ve ever had a best friend? It hits home.

“The Samurai’s Journey Parts 1 and 2” Power Rangers Ninja Storm (Episode 16 and 17)

These episodes involve ninjas, samurais, and a character meeting his mother and father before he’s born. Power Rangers is such a crazy mish mash of styles and it works beautifully here. I really won’t say anymore, just feel free to skip part 3, it’s not really connected to the first two.

“Idol” Power Rangers S.P.D. (Episode 9)

Another episode centered around friendship, but unlike “Never Give Up!,” “Idol” exemplifies how friendship can change and how friends can become enemies. The story and character work done here is a high water mark for Power Rangers, an episode that could easily stand aside anything from a franchise like Star Trek.

“Ranger Blue” Power Rangers RPM (Episode 10)

They actually address the explosions that go off behind the Rangers when they morph. Yes, you read that right. As fun as that is, the episode’s biggest accomplishment is what it does when it shows up the backstory of Flynn. Equal parts funny and moving, after this episode you’ll be screaming, “I’m Scottish!” over and over.

“Doctor K” Power Rangers RPM (Episode 11)

If any episode of Power Rangers will make you cry, or make you ponder your own humanity… this one will do that and so much more. The tragic tale of someone who “just wanted to go outside,” Power Rangers has never been this this emotional and heart-wrenching.

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“The Matchmaker” Power Rangers Dino Fury (Episode 13)

This is a funny episode so it could have gone under the comedy section but the fact this gives us TV Power Rangers’ first canonical queer character is more than enough to justify it as “all the feels.” The mistakes Javi makes in trying to set Izzy up with a guy are genuinely sweet, if misguided, and it’s all worth it for that shot at the end where Izzy and Fern walk off hand in hand. It had been a long time coming but Power Rangers did queer fans right by this episode.

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Comedy/Over The Top:

“An Oyster Stew” MMPR (Season 1 – Episode 60)

Tommy and Zack go on a double date where ’90s fashions are on full display, Zack buys earrings from a shady man in a trench coat, and the Rangers fight a monster named “Osterizer.” That’s just…only in Power Rangers.

“Another Song and Dance” Power Rangers Zeo (Episode 46)

Tanya and Tommy are put under a spell where they have to sing. Everything. Including the morph call. What else do you need to know? Go watch and laugh your ass off.

“Trouble by the Slice” Power Rangers Turbo (Episode 22)

“The evil pizzas were no match for a simple stop light!” That’s it. This episode contains the greatest line spoken in the history of Power Rangers. The Rangers’ cars are taken over by evil pizzas, they get baked in a giant pizza, and their robot traffic light friend has to save them. Perhaps the most Power Rangers episode of all time?

“The Mighty Mega Battles” Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (Episode 26)

Joel wants to date the team’s scientific advisor, Ms. Fairweather, but it seems she’s got a boyfriend. What does he do? Drag fellow Ranger Chad along to try and impress her! It’s a totally zany outing but it perfectly nails the timing of all the jokes.

“I Love Lothor” Power Rangers Ninja Storm (Episode 20)

The main villain of the season wants to rule the world. How does he go about it? Creating a TV show starring himself and using a monster to make everyone in the city love it and him! It’s bizarre but it’s the kind of comedy that Power Rangers excels at.

“Go for the Green” Power Rangers RPM (Episode 4)

The team holds auditions for a new Ranger and we get one of the greatest first morphs of the franchise where a character exclaims, “I do not want to be a Power Ranger!” A character who’d normally be a wacky side character actually gets to become a Ranger!

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“Nightmare in Amber Beach” Power Rangers Dino Super Charge (Episode 3)

It’s been years since this episode aired and I still find myself quoting it weekly. It’s got a pretty damn accurate portrayal of parents who are loved by everyone but their own kids and much of that is down to James Gaylyn, who plays Mr. Watkins. He’s fun charming, and an Ice Cream Baron. Let that sink in. He’s an Ice Cream Baron. He also gives a demonstration on how to make a burger and make money while doing it that is honestly astounding.

Oh I guess some Ranger stuff happens and also Shelby gets a great focus but come on, you gotta learn how to make four dollars profit! Read the full review here!

“Love At First Fight” Power Rangers Dino Super Charge (Episode 11)

This is without question one of the most tightly plotted single episodes of Power Rangers ever. It’s stuffed to the brim with content but never feels rushed or overburdened. It gives just enough time to have fun while also not forgetting the emotional component that makes the comedy land so well. 

Chase is doing his best to be a good boyfriend but his life of a Ranger is making it hard to find time with his girlfriend. Especially when the monster of the day appears as a pretty girl and he has to flirt with her as part of the Rangers plan. Read our full review here!

“Rewriting History” Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 1 Episode 19

Steel would die for Spot the Plant. The fact Beast Morphers can make you care about a plant in just a few minutes is a thing of majesty. The way Steel treats Spot makes this episode all the funnier yet the end might genuinely move you by what Steel does for it. Worth a watch solely to get a taste for Steel, one of the funniest Rangers ever. Read our review here!

Game Changers/Gravitas:

“Green With Evil” MMPR (Season 1 – Episodes 17-21)

The mini-series that proved that Power Rangers was more then just a silly little show about five teens working together and learning life lessons. “Green With Evil” introduced Tommy, the evil sixth Ranger. The status quo was shattered and the Rangers faced their greatest challenge from someone who could do everything they could, but better. There’s a reason many fans credit these episodes with making them fans of the show.

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“The Wedding” MMPR (Season 2 – Episode 41-43)

Remember how I said Power Rangers would explore its villains? “The Wedding” is all about them, when Rita and Zedd actually get married! It’s about as zany as you can imagine and also includes the Rangers taking on a haunted house full of monsters.

“Changing of the Zords” MMPR (Season 3 – Episode 19-21)

The third season of Power Rangers was filled with twists and turns, the status quo being set up and quickly broken. “Changing of the Zords” is smack dab in the middle of that with Finster discovering an ancient fleet of Zords. Rita uses Kat to infiltrate the Rangers in order to steal Kimberly’s power coin. Kat sneaks aboard the Falconzord, the villains capture Ninjor, and Kimberly slowly starts to be killed. It’s non-stop!

“The Power of Gold” Power Rangers Zeo (Episode 27)

While “Green With Evil” is the most remembered set of episodes when it comes to sixth Rangers, I’d put solid money on the Gold Ranger’s introduction being more engaging, simply because you have no idea who the hell he is. Where did he come from? Why is he helping our team? With the voice of the legendary Brad Hawkins, the Gold Ranger makes quick work of the monster of the week and kicks off the “Who is the Gold Ranger?” mystery that would run throughout the season.

“Clash of the Megazords” Power Rangers Turbo (Episode 29)

The Rangers desperately search for the Phantom Ranger! They have to fight against their own Zords, previously stolen by Divatox! A giant Zord fight at sundown! It’s a non-stop action fest, hence all the exclamation points!

“Dark Specter’s Revenge” Power Rangers In Space (Episode 29 and 30)

A giant asteroid races to Earth and the Rangers have to try and stop it while not giving up Andros’ recently recovered sister. Another non-stop action piece that also features Zords trying to push an asteroid away from Earth. Seriously, where else can you see this kind of stuff on a weekly kids TV series?

“Journey’s End” Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (Episodes 43-45)

The greatest finale in Power Rangers is also its most epic series of episodes. A space colony crashing to a moon! Suicide bombers! Space battles! A last stand. A heroic turn. It’s the closest Power Rangers ever got to movie level action on the small screen.

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“The Cobra Strikes” Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (Episode 16)

The culmination of Ryan’s (the Titanium Ranger) initial arc in Lightspeed. We not only get the Rangers pinned up against a wall but Ryan fighting for his life with a Cobra tattoo monster that’ll kill him if he morphs one more time. Only in this show would that be so dramatic and it’s amazing.

“Ransik Lives” Power Rangers Time Force (Episode 4)

Ever wanted to sympathize with the villains? Ransik, the main villain of Time Force, basically makes a terrorist speech on live television before laying out his whole back story. He was created from the remnants of human genetic engineering in the future, cast aside with no thought. It’s gripping stuff, aided by Mad Max veteran Vernon Wells’ superb acting.

“The Quantum Quest” Power Rangers Time Force (Episode 13)

In an effort to match his former best friend and gain respect, Eric steals a morpher and becomes the Quantum Ranger. That sounds simple enough, but the fight choreography is top notch and the scene where Eric first morphs is the perfect combination of music, sound design, and acting.

“The Master’s Last Stand” Power Rangers Wild Force (Episode 26)

In a season that isn’t exactly a fan favorite, “The Master’s Last Stand” focuses on the villain to its benefit. Master Org is a man torn apart by lost love and jealously, driven to kill and destroy the world. He openly admits to Red Ranger Cole that he murdered his parents in cold blood. Heavy stuff for a kids show.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Source Code

“Source Code” Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 Episode 21

Coming at the tail end of Beast Morphers’ run, this episode is a strong gut punch that works both because of its huge twist and what it does for the character of Nate. He blames himself for unleashing big bad Evox on the world and considers giving up until he gets help from a returning character. Written perfectly, this person helps Nate see that while, yes, he did make a mistake? The best way to try and solve it isn’t to give up. It’s to take the first step toward making things better.

Perfect character development mixed with a universe shattering twist makes this a must see. Read our review here!

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While this list isn’t representative of what might work for every fan, hopefully a few of these will pique your interest and you’ll want to check out more. Let us know what you think, readers. Do you agree with my picks? What do you think should be added/changed? Let us know in the comments below!

Credit to mightymorphinism for our lead article photo. Head over to their Instagram page for tons of amazing Power Rangers restored images.