Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 Episode 19 Review: Fossil Frenzy

A bare bones plot leaves us ambivalent to this forgettable Beast Morphers outing.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Fossil Frenzy
Photo: Hasbro

This POWER RANGERS BEAST MORPHERS review contains spoilers.

While last week’s Power Rangers Beast Morphers didn’t have a noteworthy plot it did have a ton of life thanks to a musical sequence we still can’t get over. It was big, fun, and showed off a ton of energy that much of the show has been lacking. Unfortunately that energy didn’t carry over to this week where we get a very run of the mill story that isn’t bad but has a very bare bones plot.

Zoey’s brother finds the fossil of an unknown dinosaur, she accidentally disintegrates it, and puts her life in danger to find a new one. The evil Roxy tries to take her out, the rest of the Rangers have to save her, and Zoey realizes she shouldn’t have gone alone. 

On paper this is an okay plot but there’s no life to it. The whole episode feels as if it’s going through the motions and there’s no extra spark to get the audience invested. We’re told Zoey cares a lot for her brother but we don’t get a great sense of it. Most of their dialogue is exposition to set up the plot and little is devoted to showing off their bond as siblings. It makes the rest of the episode not work because Zoey has to tell us how important the fossil is instead of simply letting the relationship with her brother sell how important it is she get it.

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Zoey tells us she realizes she shouldn’t have gone alone (the lesson) but little in the episode supports it. We don’t see Zoey wrestling with whether she should do it alone, she just simply goes for it. If that was supposed to be a big part of the story why not dig deeper into the reason why Zoey went by herself. Was it because she was afraid of messing things up like she did with the fossil at first? Did she not want to bother anyone?  It’s not very clear and that’s what this episode needed.

By digging deeper into why Zoey felt she had to go alone would have gone a long way in helping us learn something new about Zoey, which would have given this episode more life. We do get a nice callback to the start of the series with Zoey’s desire to solve big problems but it comes so late in the story it’s ultimately pointless. As it is the A-story is simply Zoey messed up, Zoey fixes the problem, end of story. Nothing extra. It leaves the whole thing feeling like an outline that needed more detail filled in.

The B-story with Roxy was a bit more interesting, if only because it helped bring the plot forward with her (supposed) final destruction. Ravi got to take the final shot on her which was a great little touch although you wish the real Roxy or Blaze had been able to take part it in it. 

With evil Roxy off the board it seems we’re approaching Beast Morphers‘ endgame. I’m interested to see how the show ends because in the past when they’ve needed to do BIG plot episodes the show has done a pretty solid job. Hopefully they can bring some of the energy from that musical sequence to the finale!

Now I just want the final episode to be a full on musical.


2 out of 5