Power Rangers Toys That Have Somehow Never Existed

With Playmates taking on Power Rangers toys we know exactly what they should start with.

Doctor K, Adelle, Primator Tommy, and Fern from Power Rangers.
Photo: Hasbro

Playmates Toys is about to morph into action. As revealed in a Hasbro press release, Playmates Toys, the long-running toy brand best known for their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys, will be producing and distributing toys based on the Power Rangers franchise. They have a big job ahead of them as Power Rangers fans have had their pick of toys since the show began in 1993. However, even in that long history, there are still characters, locations, and more that have never been immortalized in plastic. Here are some of the biggest that, if Playmates really wants to impress longtime Power Rangers fans, need to happen.

Primator Tommy – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The Hasbro press release let us know that their line will be starting with, “a kid targeted Mighty Morphin Power Rangers toy line in 2025.” The easy choice would be to just release the six original Rangers but fans have been offered that over and over again. We understand that the MMPR Rangers are where the money is so we propose Playmates give us some deep cut original Rangers. We’ve got an instant money maker with Primator Tommy. He’s everyone’s favorite Green Ranger… Or is he?

Primator Tommy is, as his name implies, actually the deceptive Primator who took on Tommy’s form in the classic season 2 episode, “The Wanna-Be Ranger.” He was exposed when Billy reflected Primator’s image in a mirror, giving us the red-faced Tommy with tail. Throw in Billy’s triceratops mirror as an accessory and this will start printing money for you the second it hits shelves.

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Dark Dimension Playset – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

With thousands of figures of the Rangers themselves, it’s rare to see a playset to pose them in. The iconic Dark Dimension, as featured in the classic five-part “Green With Evil” miniseries that brought Tommy to the franchise, is the perfect set that continues the MMPR money train. If they can somehow get a mini-smoke machine in there? Fans will pledge their undying loyalty.

Angel Grove High Playset with Teacher 2-Pack: Ms. Appleby and Mr. Caplan – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The Rangers didn’t just spend time on the battlefield, they also fought in the most dangerous place of all. High school. This set would allow fans to replicate such famous scenes as the teenage Rangers learning what question marks are. It’ll also give us two fan-favorite characters that have been crying out for a release, the loveable Ms. Appleby and the stern Mr. Caplan. They’ll of course need a detention slip and removable hair piece respectively.

We know Playmates won’t be able to resist convention exclusive releases and we suggest that the New York Comic Con variant will have a “Don’t Vote for Dummy” poster of Tommy, in reference to the comedic masterpiece that is “Best Man for the Job.” The San Diego Comic-Con variant though will be the crown jewel with an exclusive figure of Sharkie, the rarely seen third bully member of Bulk and Skull’s gang. 

Wild West Rangers (With White Stranger) – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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Playmates are smart. They know at some point they’ll have to release a six-pack of the full MMPR team, but why go the expected route? Let’s give the fans the Rangers with the fanciest duds, the Wild West Rangers. From their titular two-parter, the Rangers wouldn’t even need completely new molds, just some added western fringe! You’ve also got to include Tommy’s ancestor, the White Stranger cowboy. Any set that includes a new Tommy is a no-brainer. Playmates, trust us.

Lt. Stone – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The Power Rangers protect the city of Angel Grove but how can you recreate that without the civilians of the city? There’s no better human character to pick than Lt. Stone, who accomplished the impossible task of adding new layers of humor to the Bulk and Skull dynamic. Don’t forget to add police officer and private detective outfits that he can swap out of.

Adelle Ferguson – Power Rangers in Space

Her fries are world famous. Her restaurant is so popular she has a van specifically for deliveries. She stood up to the amassed forces of the Alliance of Evil and declared herself the Pink Ranger. That alone should have earned a figure long ago but Playmates can finally right the wrongs of so many toy companies before them. Getting the fries’ irresistible quality will be tough for any sculptor but we believe in Playmates.

Psycho Ranger Chess Board – Power Rangers in Space

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Power Rangers in Space can make an easy claim to being one of the most popular seasons of the franchise and it handed us an in-show prop that seemed almost tailor made to be turned into a toy. As part of the Psycho Ranger story arc the episode “Five of a Kind” had the Rangers plotting their next move against the evil Rangers, represented by a chess board set with figures representing the two teams. Power Rangers has been sorely lacking a chess board tie-in and this would double as a great prop replica! Make sure to include an all blue set of the Rangers for maximum accuracy.

The Temple From That One Lightspeed Rescue Episode Playset – Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Okay, look, we’ll be honest. This is just a backdoor way of giving us what Playmates (probably) doesn’t have the license for. VR Troopers, a sister show to Power Rangers that was made by many of the same people. That series bookended most episodes with its lead character, Ryan Steele, sitting at a temple (in real life the Korean Bell of Friendship) and wistfully inner monologuing about his missing father. Years after that show ended the temple made a surprise appearance in the Lightspeed Rescue episode “Up to the Challenge.” Playmates, just wink and nod as you announce this as a Lightspeed Rescue toy and we’ll all understand. Plus, it’ll give fans the chance to have more recent Red Ranger toys Tyler from Dino Charge and Brody from Ninja Steel, who also had missing fathers, the ability to do some proper dad angsting.

“There’s No Such Things as Monsters” Woman – Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Disinformation runs rampant in our world today. The truth, once sacrosanct, has become powerless in the face of those who boldly proclaim it to be “fake news.” It doesn’t matter if the truth is right in front of your face, there are those who will simply shrug their shoulders and lie through their teeth to further their own aims.

In the Lightspeed two-parter “Trakeena’s Revenge” a young girl witnesses the kidnapping of her mother and attempts to notify a receptionist. From behind her desk she scoffs, uttering the now immortal line, “now you know, dear, there’s no such thing as monsters.” This, despite Earth being overrun with monster attacks near weekly for years at this point in the franchise history. What was this woman playing at? In her spare time does she run a local access show that proclaims monster attacks are “fake news” cooked up by the government to disguise what’s really going on? If so, she is the greatest villain the Rangers have ever faced and thus deserves a figure so fans everywhere can stage the Rangers triumphing over disinformation. 

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Doctor K – Power Rangers RPM

There’s never been a human side character in the history of Power Rangers with a more tragic backstory than that of Doctor K. Pulled away from normal life as a little girl and forced to live in a government think tank, her attempts to escape the facility unwittingly unleashed an evil virus that wiped almost all of humanity. A fan-favorite that made a welcome return in Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Doctor K is the perfect character to assist your toy Rangers in all their missions. Plus, anytime you look at her you’ll contemplate your own humanity and wonder what you would do to survive the horrors of our world. Fun for the whole family!

Fresno Bob and the Scorpion Cartel – Power Rangers RPM

Traditionally Rangers battle evil aliens and monsters, not humans. But when it comes to the Scorpion Cartel, who profit off badly needed medical supplies in a post-apocalyptic world? Screw Zordon’s rules or whatever, let the Rangers fight these humans that are worse than almost any alien monster. Bonus points for Playmates if they release the other cartels Ronan’s Blue Crew, Spike Mike and the Boys, The South Town Sweet Tooths, and The Yo-Yo Brothers.

Mr. Watkins the Ice Cream Baron (Shelby’s Dad) – Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

Putting aside my sudden realization that an “Ice Cream Baron” could have been in league with another version of the South Town Sweet Tooths cartel, Mr. Watkins made a strong impression when he demonstrated how to make four dollars profit in the episode “Nightmare in Amber Beach.” Fun, charming, with charisma to spare and a flawless outfit, that alone should earn him a figure. If you need more convincing, Playmates, then know fans would buy multiple copies for modding purposes. Actor James Gaylyn has played multiple roles across the franchise, including an Ancient Sensei in Ninja Storm, Colonel Truman in RPM and Beast Morphers, and several monster voices. Plus you could mod the figure into a perfect replica of James Gaylyn’s music video for his song “Bodyfine” The possibilities are endless!

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Victory and Monty – Power Rangers Ninja Steel

The most needlessly hated characters in Power Rangers history. Fans decry them for their fart jokes, lack of plot relevance, and just being stupid. Playmates needs to use their new influence on the brand to turn this conversation around because they were the best part about the otherwise lackluster Ninja Steel. Actors Caleb Bendit (Victor) and Caleb Bendit (Monty) elevated the weak material into something truly special. Much of that was down to their decision to have Monty be in love with Victor, causing needless backlash from higher ups in production, but adding much needed flavor to the dynamic.

A two-pack of the comedic duo, with Victor’s long fought for 50th trophy as an obvious accessory, could finally make fans reconsider their entrenched opinions. Please, Playmates, do it for them.

Hyperforce Team – Power Rangers Hyperforce

While some attempt to write off Hyperforce as just a tabletop RPG web-series, their multiple appearances across the Power Rangers comic line has more than justified this team finally getting the full team action figure treatment they’ve deserved since they debuted. Don’t forget to give each and every Ranger a burrito or Pink Ranger Chloe will personally time travel to the Playmates office to put right what once went wrong.

Cosmic Fury Team – Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

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A triumph of a season that put the perfect capstone on the franchise after 30 years should have received a full toyline yet Hasbro dropped the ball. No main figures of the Rangers, just a morpher and a megazord. There’s still time to put this right though, we’re still within a year of release. Playmates, stop production of every other toyline you have and get these to market. You can release a full team pack or individual Rangers, whatever it takes. Just make sure to at least give us a two-pack of Izzy and Fern. You can call it: Power Rangers Cosmic Fury: Gays in SPAAAAAACCCEEEEEE. Do it for all the women love women (WLW) fans out there. They need it.

This list only covers a fraction of the hundreds of possible characters and more that Playmates could draw on. Some runners up for inclusion here were a Juice Bar playset, Jason with Guitar Over Face (Pay Dispute Edition), Edenoi Refugees, Zeo Rangers (Image Comics Variant), 1:1 Replica of Kimberly’s Dear John Letter, Rocky’s tamales, Crash and the Creeps set, Mad Mike with Pizzas for Car Wheels, DECA (Astro Megaship playset), Professor Phenomenus, Sky Cowboy playset with autographed Joel print, Lothor: I Love Lothor Edition, Cassidy and Devin 2-pack, White Thunder Kid, Team-Up Quarry Playset, Jungle Karma Pizza playset, Dillon’s Prison Battle Over Jello playset, Casey: The Tiger Pooper Scooper Super Megaforce Variant, Rusty and Tyler’s Dad 2-Pack, Heckyl, and the Meower Rangers.

What characters, locations, or anything else do you want to see finally get turned into Power Rangers toys? Let us know in the comments.