Capcom unveils new iOS game, Ghostbusters: Puzzle Fighter

Ryan Lambie News Apr 23, 2015

There's a new Ghostbusters game on the way. But don't get too excited - it's another match-three puzzle game...

Steve Jobs biopic: October release date confirmed

Simon Brew News Feb 5, 2015

Just a quick update: we've now got the release date for Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs biopic...

Apple quietly stops trailer downloads

Mark Pickavance News Jun 24, 2013

A sizeable change to trailer access at Apple is made without any announcement from the firm...

The 1983 videogame crash: what went wrong, and could it happen again?

Ryan Lambie Feature Feb 19, 2013

A thriving games industry was brought to its knees 30 years ago. Ryan looks at what happened, and whether it could do so again...

Apple users feel the Rage

Aaron Birch News Feb 3, 2012

Rage has come to the Apple Mac, but don’t expect the full experience