Ted Lasso Should Be Your Halloween Costume

Apple TV+ has renewed Jason Sudeikis coaching comedy Ted Lasso for two more seasons, creating an easy Halloween costume opportunity for years to come.

Ted Lasso Costume
Photo: Apple

Most geeks are pretty punctual when it comes to planning and executing a Halloween costume. What is Halloween if not just a nationally sanctioned excuse to show off our cosplaying skills? However, 2020 has caused even the most honored traditions and best laid plans to fall in flux. If you find yourself without a costume just days away from Halloween 2020, let us make a suggestion: dress as the titular character from Apple TV+’s most popular comedy series, Ted Lasso.

Pulling off Jason Sudeikis’s look as the affable Ted Lasso is a considerably easy lift that won’t break the bank. Pulling the costume together could likely be accomplished with things you already own. Iron and button up your finest collared shirt, toss a navy sweater over top, put your khaki pants on one leg at a time, purchase a fake mustache (or grow your own, gentlemen) and voilà, you’re everybody’s favorite coach. 

The costume can even be considered timely: today, Apple announced that they have given an early season 3 renewal to the comedy series, ahead of the start of production on season 2 which is slated to begin in London in January. Worried about folks not knowing who you are? You shouldn’t be; Apple TV+ claims that Ted Lasso ranks as their top comedy in 50 countries, including the U.S., UK, Germany, France, Canada, Russia, Japan and more, growing its viewership more than 600% since its August 14 launch.

Need further convincing? With the year that most of us have been having, the world needs more Ted Lassos, even if it’s for one-night only. Lasso is eternally optimistic, relentlessly positive, and an attentive, thoughtful friend. Who else could you aspire to channel in 2020?

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Describing the Lasso ethos to EW, Sudeikis said, “Gandhi said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world,’ and this creates the change you want to see. Create the world where being nice, being uncynical, being egoless, being empathetic, and promoting forgiveness is not something that is weak and happens without consequences. Ted does see the best in people and he really is the best version of myself. He’s like me after two beers on an empty stomach on a bright sunny day, just like, ‘With all of us together, what can’t we do?'”

Speaking with Den of Geek, co-creator Bill Lawrence chalks Lasso’s charm up to his embracement of curiosity. “Right now, in public discourse, whether it be in politics or on social media, the ignorance with the quintessential American abroad is always coupled with arrogance. So Jason said you could do Ted Lasso if his ignorance was coupled with curiosity instead of arrogance. He’s self-deprecating and quick to learn. When you do that, he can still be a little bit of a goof once in a while. The show works because he’s also, we like to say, “dumb, like a fox.”  He’s very crafty about human nature and about getting the best out of people.”

So if you’re still procrastinating on your Halloween costume, we urge you to be dumb like a fox and spend your day doing your best Ted Lasso impression. If your Halloween spirit is a bit too heavy this year from all of the stresses and pressures of 2020, then take Lasso’s advice: be a goldfish. Ten second memory.