Have you seen these Doctor Who fan-made stop-motion shorts?

Viral Video Louisa Mellor
2 Sep 2013 - 12:42

If you've not yet seen the Doctor Puppet stop-motion shorts, then you're in for a charming fan-made treat...

If you've ever wondered what Doctor Who would look like as a charming stop-motion Mr Men-style narrated animation, then wonder no more. 

We stumbled across these little online gems belatedly thanks to a Tweet by writer Jenny Colgan (author of Doctor Who novel Dark Horizons), to whom we tip our cap for the recommendation. 

The Doctor Puppet is the work of talented animator Alisa Stern and her team in Brooklyn, New York. Four episodes and - this being Doctor Who, what else? - a Christmas Special are currently available online, with more to come.

See the first episode, featuring a puppet Matt Smith and... well, we won't spoil it, below:

Read more on the Doctor Puppet Tumblr, here.

Doctor Puppet

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