PlayStation 4

Infamous: Second Son PlayStation 4 review

Aaron Birch Review Mar 24, 2014

The PS4 gets its first big exclusive outside of launch with Infamous: Second Son, but is it a hero, or villain?

The Order 1888 gameplay trailer

Aaron Birch Trailer Feb 27, 2014

A new trailer for The Order 1888 has surfaced, and this time features some actual gameplay...

The Order 1886 trailer

Aaron Birch Trailer Feb 19, 2014

PS4 exclusive, The Order 1886 has a new trailer, and it's a tense scene-setter for the upcoming shooter...

Infamous: Second Son TV spot

Aaron Birch Trailer Feb 17, 2014

Infamous: Second Son arrives in March, and here's the TV spot ahead of the launch...

PS1 and PS2 games coming to PS4

Aaron Birch News Jan 29, 2014

PS3 games will be joined by older PlayStation classics on PS4, according to online sources...

Gran Turismo 5 and the impermanence of modern games

Ryan Lambie Feature Jan 8, 2014

As it's announced that GT5 and other PS3 titles will have their servers shut down soon, Ryan looks at the impermanence of modern games...

PS4 amasses 2.1 million sales

Aaron Birch News Dec 4, 2013

Sony's PlayStation 4 has sold by the overloaded truckload, and it's the strongest console launch for Sony so far...

Sony PlayStation 4 UK TV ad

Aaron Birch Trailer Nov 16, 2013

The UK's PS4 TV ad has been unveiled, and you can see it here, where 'Greatness Awaits'...

Official PS4 unboxing video

Aaron Birch Trailer Nov 11, 2013

Sony has released an official unboxing video for the PlayStation 4 ahead of this week's US launch...

Xbox One Vs PS4: the current state of play

Aaron Birch Feature Nov 13, 2013

The Xbox One and PS4 are very nearly here, and we take a final look at which platform could emerge as the winner of the next gen war...