Ninja Pitches Fall Guys Skin to Benefit Charity and It Looks Awesome

Ninja has unveiled a Ninja-themed Fall Guys skin! Take a look.

Photo: Robert Reiners/Twitch

Popular streamer Ninja has pitched a Ninja-themed skin for Fall Guys, the party game phenomenon that’s taken the world by storm since it launched earlier this year. Ninja pitched the skin as part of a contest being held by Mediatonic, the game’s developer, to benefit UK charity Special Effect. At one point, Ninja was in the lead to win the contest with a bid of a $200,000 donation before being outbid by G2 Esports.

Ninja revealed the skin on Twitter:

The skin was actually designed by Twitter user @Astroioxy, who has now received a hell of a signal boost from the streamer.

The contest is also open to game studios and other brands looking to promote their products in Fall Guys, which is currently the most-watched game on Twitch and the third most-played game on Steam behind only Valve’s own CS:GO and Dota 2. To enter, brands can bid on how much they’d be willing to donate to Special Effect. The highest bidder wins.

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“The thirst from brands has been unreal, so we’re turning it into something positive!” the Fall Guys Twitter handle announced. “Prize: Your brand inside Fall Guys as a costume! To enter: Reply to this tweet with the highest amount of money you would be willing to donate to Special Effect.”

The contest is open for the next two weeks. After the highest bidder makes its donation, Mediatonic will incorporate the pitched skin into the game.

Even before Mediatonic announced the contest, there were many brands trying to seize on the game’s viral energy, pitching their own Fall Guys skins for fun, so you can imagine how much fiercer the pitches are getting now that the crossover skin opportunities are official. Quite a few studios have made bids to have their games appear as Fall Guys skins.

The developer has already added a few crossover skins. Check them out below:

Gordon Freeman from Half-Life was the first crossover skin introduced to the game as a pre-order bonus:

A Hotline Miami skin followed. Fall Guys seems a little tame for the violent fever dream that is the top-down indie shooter but we’ll take it:

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Team Fortress 2 fans can also get a Scout skin in the game!

It remains to be seen if Fall Guys fans will get a Ninja skin added to this list. He’s already got a Fortnite skin so something in the new video game phenomenon would make sense!

We’ll keep you updated as we hear more.