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Doctor Who series 8: everything we know about Missy so far

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As Doctor Who series 8 draws towards its end, Andrew ticks off everything we've learned about Michelle Gomez's character, Missy, so far.

Doctor Who series 8: Flatline review

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Doctor Who series 8 update: Images and trailer for Mummy On The Orient Express

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Doctor Who series 8: Kill The Moon review

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Spoilers: Doctor Who hits top form with Kill The Moon. And Jenna Coleman has never been better...

Doctor Who series 8: lots of images for Kill The Moon

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Spacesuits, spacesuits and more spacesuits - here's some stills from Doctor Who series 8's Kill The Moon...

Doctor Who series 8: The Caretaker review

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Peter Capaldi is on top comedy form again, as he goes undercover as The Caretaker. Here's our spoiler-filled review...

Doctor Who series 8: The Caretaker spoiler-free review

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Doctor Who series 8 remains on good form with the latest instalment. Here's our spoiler-free look at The Caretaker...

Doctor Who series 8: new images from The Caretaker

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Doctor Who series 8: Time Heist review

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Peter Capaldi's Doctor has a bank heist to tackle in Time Heist. Here's our spoiler-filled review...

Guest stars confirmed for Doctor Who Christmas special

Simon Brew News Sep 19, 2014

Nick Frost, Michael Troughton and Nathan McMullen are all joining this year's Doctor Who Christmas special.