Geeks Vs Loneliness: support Geeky T-Shirt Weekend!

Get your geek on by wearing a geeky t-shirt and pledging £2 to a brilliant children’s charity this Friday and Saturday…

This week’s Geeks Vs Loneliness – the part of the site we set aside each week to chat about things that might be making life difficult and share ways to cope – is here a day early. Let’s say it’s time-travelled for a special mission…

Back in February, our writer Jamie Andrew wrote this charming and moving account of taking his young children to their very first fan convention in Edinburgh. Costumes were worn. Queues were queued. Doctors were met. And money was raised for an excellent cause: Children’s Hospices Across Scotland.

There are a great many charities in need of support, we know, but this one spoke to us for two reasons. The first – it provides palliative care for babies, children and young people with life-shortening conditions, as well as respite for their families. It’s difficult to imagine a time when people would be more desperately in need of help, and that’s exactly what CHAS provides. 

The second reason is simply this: Peter Capaldi is the one asking.

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The Twelfth Doctor, whose approach to his fans has always been characterised by generosity and humanity, wants us to get involved. 

Here’s what he says: “I’ve seen at first-hand what fan communities are capable of when they get together. And the CHAS cause is one I know they will want to unite behind. Get your geeky t-shirt on to help the families this wonderful charity cares for.”

Capaldi has already raised money for CHAS by donating 100% of his autograph-signing proceeds at February’s Capital Sci-Fi Con, and now he’s asked us to join him, alongside X-Men’s Brian Cox, Lord Of The Rings’ Billy Boyd and more.

How? It couldn’t be easier. Tomorrow and Saturday (May the Fourth, obviously!), wear a geeky t-shirt and donate £2 to CHAS by calling 0141 779 6180 or visiting

Then, if you’d like to, spread the word online using @supportCHAS and the #GetYourGeekOn tag. 

Thank you, as ever, for reading. 

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