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Hellraiser: ranking the movies in order of quality

Jamie Andrew Feature Aug 19, 2015

We've gone through all nine Hellraisers movies to date. The big question - is Hellraiser: Revelations in the top slot?

Revisiting 80s UK game show Interceptor

Jamie Andrew Feature Aug 17, 2015

"I like it!" Remember the short-lived 1980s helicopter-based game show Interceptor? Er, Jamie does...

Why Netflix's Lilyhammer deserves a season 4 renewal

Jamie Andrew Feature Mar 19, 2015

Lilyhammer's 'gangster on the lam in a remote Norwegian town' story is a quirky, comic gem that richly deserves a fourth season...

Would a Sopranos prequel series work?

Jamie Andrew Feature Nov 11, 2014

Sopranos fan Jamie debates the merits of a prequel series documenting the years before Tony Soprano rose to power...

Frustrating games in videogame history

Jamie Andrew Feature Aug 20, 2014

From the 1980s to the 21st century, Jamie takes us on a guided tour of the most frustrating videogames he's encountered so far...

One man and the five films that made him cry

Jamie Andrew Feature Feb 24, 2014

What are the films that have made you cry at the cinema? Here are the five that managed to break Jamie...

Does the Lost finale still hurt?

Jamie Andrew Feature Nov 29, 2013

Three and a half years after it aired, can a Lost fan finally make his peace with the finale? Er, read on...

Celebrating Jimmy McGovern's Cracker

Jamie Andrew Feature Oct 18, 2013

Jamie salutes the might of Jimmy McGovern's Cracker, starring Robbie Coltrane and now celebrating its twentieth anniversary...

Explaining The Sopranos' final scene

Jamie Andrew Feature Sep 6, 2013

In the first of a new series, Jamie analyses what really happened in The Sopranos' final scene, and what it meant for Tony Soprano...

The wasted potential of Prison Break

Jamie Andrew Feature Aug 19, 2013

After a promising first season, how did Prison Break go off the boil so quickly? Jamie revisits the whole run, with major spoilers...

The Sopranos: the greatest show ever made

Jamie Andrew Feature Jul 19, 2013

Jamie salutes HBO's The Sopranos, a show that, with its dearly departed lead James Gandolfini, redefined television drama...

TV's most shocking character deaths

Jamie Andrew Feature Apr 19, 2013

Gargantuan spoilers lie ahead, as Jamie counts down 7 of the most shocking deaths from US quality drama feat. Dexter, The Wire, & more...