New director found for live action Death Note movie

Death Note
Simon Brew News Jul 9, 2014

Shane Black isn't attached to Death Note anymore. But Gus Van Sant is...

Sentimentality in the work of Shinichiro Watanabe

David Menzies Feature Jul 1, 2014

David traces the theme of sentimentality in the anime work of Shinichiro Watanabe, from Cowboy Bebop to Space Dandy...

Crowdfunding Friday: anime, coding and Italian Star Wars

Ryan Lambie Feature Feb 21, 2014

Our look at geeky crowdfunding projects returns, with a selection of indie films, coding books and other stuff worth your consideration...

What is Attack On Titan?

Ryan Lambie Feature Dec 5, 2013

A hit manga, anime and soon a live-action film, Attack On Titan is a disturbing sight to behold. Ryan takes a closer look...

Why you should watch Steins;Gate

Ryan Lambie Feature Jul 17, 2013

A truly addictive anime series arrives on Blu-ray this week. Ryan explains why you should watch Steins;Gate...

Akira at 25

Ryan Lambie Feature Jun 28, 2013

In July 1988, one of Japan’s finest animated films appeared in cinemas. Ahead of its 25th anniversary, Ryan looks back at Akira...

Kenji Kamiyama interview: 009 Re:Cyborg, terrorism, anime

Ryan Lambie Interview Jun 5, 2013

Ahead of the release of his latest film 009 Re:Cyborg, we chat to director Kenji Kamiyama about its making, Japanese anime and terrorism...

009 Re: Cyborg review

Ryan Lambie Review Jun 4, 2013

A classic manga gets a big-screen updating in the anime feature, 009 Re:Cyborg. Here's Ryan's review of a visual feast...

How anime and videogames work in tandem

Ryan Lambie News Nov 28, 2011

With the design of Skyward Sword showing a distinct anime influence, we look at how Japanese animation and videogames have continued to inspire one another…

Is the Japanese anime industry in trouble?

Perfect Blue
Ryan Lambie News Aug 25, 2010

As the sad passing of Perfect Blue director Satoshi Kon is announced and the LA Times reports on the decline of anime, Ryan asks, what next for the Japanese animation industry?